Laser Pistol
So you turned your nose up at the semiautomatic pistol because it wasn't "futuristic enough". I guess that's understandable. It's pretty old technology. You can look a lot cooler with this laser pistol anyway. Slightly more useful than a glue gun, the laser pistol is capable of melting through most targets after some degree of work. Nobody can question its accuracy, though - it's the best you'll find anywhere. Of course, it is a laser, so that's possibly to be expected. Regardless, this should not be used as a main firearm.
  • Creds: 0
  • Ammo: Very good battery; will only burn out due to extreme overuse and overheating and doesn't need to recharge
  • Rolls: Attacker's Conventional vs defender's Intuition

Additional Details

  • Not good against armored targets
  • Less powerful than a blowtorch if you're trying to weld, but can weld things if you really need it to
  • Beam good for up to two kilometers; aiming at such distances requires extreme skill but is much more effective than trying to do so with anything less than a gauss rifle
  • Not a main firearm, but could be useful in a pinch if you have a free hand (or need one)

Ingame Example

The two guards lay down some suppressing fire and get into cover themselves, while you return fire with your laspistol. Your first shot only ends up leaving a dark burn across the side of the console, however. — BTE Miranda/Gearhead Tryout Thread

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