Laser Sword
Our esteemed engineers, sick and tired of you loser inmates declaring your love for anime, Star Wars, and mecha in general, have built a laser sword - just for you. Big, heavy, and bulky, it's nevertheless quite powerful if you wield it correctly. By adjusting the beam, you can make it sweep across areas of up to 20 meters at a time, easily bisecting, decapitating, or otherwise incapacitating multiple aliens and other disreputable members of the dark side. We're still trying to figure out the inmate backlash of "that's not how it's supposed to work", but for now, at least try to be happy with this incredibly powerful toy we've given you.
  • Creds: Free
  • Ammo: None; generator has power for two strikes and regenerates 50% of this per turn
  • Requirements: Your maximum amount of infantry weapons is limited by your strength.
    Takes two infantry slots
    +0 strength
  • Rolls: attacker's Unconventional and Maneuverability vs defender's Maneuverability and Intuition

Additional Details

  • This is not a toy
  • Great against enemies with light armor
  • Normally has trouble with heavy armor
  • Has absolutely nothing to do with "light sabers"
  • Goes well with Rules of Nature (Just like everything else)
  • Good for clumps of enemies, not so good for enemies that are spaced out
  • PowerStrike mode can cleave through heavy suit armor but takes two turns to recharge
  • SuperStrike mode can cleave anything up to light ship armor, but takes five turns to regenerate afterwards
  • Beam loses lethal focus capability after up to 20 meters; anything beyond this point will be lightly burned, if anything

Ingame Example

Technical Details

Infantry: Conventional
Infantry: Unconventional
Infantry: Exotic
Infantry: Tools
Infantry: Suits
Infantry: Anatomical
Infantry: Standard
Infantry: Drugs
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