This is not a toy. Get that through your fukcing heads. If we have to dump one more of you numbskulls in a metal crate with appendages from playing with these things, I swear I'll grow arms and strangle someone. This is not a laser pointer. You do not use this in the office. This is a weapon and it excels at cutting flesh. It's no good at cutting me, though, so you can quit trying. I'm made of metal, so you'll need a stronger laser for that. …What? … Don't. you. dare.
  • Creds: 0
  • Ammo: Needs a brief period (one layer) to cool down after every two shots, if shots are fired in rapid succession (two layers without pause). (Infinite)
  • Rolls: Attacker's Conventional vs Defender's Intuition

   For regular use, rolls Conventional


Additional Details

  • Stable enough to use as a makeshift repair tool
  • Good for roughly two kilometers, provided you have the skill
  • Almost impossible to miss bigger targets with, especially up close
  • Particularly good at severing wires, cables and pipes
  • Can deal light damage to large areas by sweeping the beam
  • Requires a steady focus for full potential

Ingame Example


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