Layer Scanner
If you're considering this item, I'll make an assumption: Your whole life has been built around looking more intelligent than you actually are. You cheated in school since year 1. You carry books around to look smart. Your glasses have fake lenses. Your personality probably doesn't even match what you put down in your profile when we brought you in. Sound familiar? It should. It's you. It only makes sense you want to continue playing the part. This layer scanner is a little can that'll tell you everything you could want to know about the structure of whatever you put inside, and put the knowledge directly into your brain. Wanna know if a rock's a geode? This is a good way to find out. Great for scientific research, but knowing you, you're only going to use it for one purpose: figuring out how to use alien weapons. See if I'm wrong.
  • Creds: 1500 creds
  • Ammo: None required
  • Requirements: Robotics +0
  • Rolls: Robotics

Additional Details

  • Too big to fit in a backpack, but doesn't go in an aux slot: when moving it, you have to carry it with both hands
  • Stowed behind your seat at the start of the mission
  • Can use items up to the size of an assault rifle or slightly larger
  • Uses the exotics rules for figuring out alien weapons, but with robotics rolls applied instead
  • Can also be used to scan small items. If useful, applies 2x value to each piece of loot scanned. If not useful, you've wasted your time
  • We all know you aren't going to use it for scientific purposes, though
  • You're the kind of guy that plays a doctor in a porno but forgets to put the stethoscope in his ears
  • You are the worst kind of person
  • Silent judging intensifies

Ingame Example

Ingame Example

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