Mass Manipulation Psyamp
A hybrid of vector and gravity field manipulators, lets the user manipulate solid matter. Useful for tearing the engines off alien jerks or playing chess from 120 meters away with your eyes closed. If you want to play god, this is probably not the way you want to go about doing it, but it's awesome fun anyway, though. Impress the girls and make a statement at the same time!
  • Creds: 7000
  • Ammo: Takes some time to recharge; useful once per turn
  • Requirements: PSI Unit +1
  • Rolls: Attacker's PSI Unit + Exotic vs defender's Durability + PSI Unit

Additional Details

  • The heavier something is, the more effort it will take to control it
  • Speed is no issue
  • May take some effort to do things like smashing ships into walls
  • Weaker than both the Gravity Field Manipulator, the gravitational-psyamp and the unconventional Vector Field Manipulator
  • Precise control also takes more effort
  • Great at redirecting missiles, plasma and the like
  • Redirecting bullets and railgun rounds is somewhat more difficult
  • Redirecting lasers will be a challenge
  • Projects multiple fields at once; can be used to curve things instead of just redirecting them
  • Like all Psyamps, does not require direct line of sight
  • Effective range of about two kilometers; accuracy falls off sharply after one kilometer

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