Medical Kit
Allows the user to patch simple injuries like broken legs. Not effective for major injuries like missing arms or damaged internal organs, but for small fixes it has everything you'll need. Includes two syringes of painkillers and two of anti-shock meds, along with assorted bandages and swabs.
  • Creds: 2000
  • Ammo: See Detailed stats
  • Requirements: None
  • Rolls: Handiwork Skill

Additional Details


  • Two Painkiller Syringes
  • Two Anti-shock Syringes
  • Two bandage rolls
  • Pack of swabs
  • Four splints
  • Gauze
  • Suit patches and sealant
  • Cheap scissors for cutting bandages
  • Small roll of medical tape
  • A single band-aid

Ingame Example


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