Megaton Charge
Just what the fuck do you think this is? A nuke? Hell no. This is a device to make sure your allies instagib you before you're even out of the hangar. You're the squad madman, right? You're not getting this to destroy anything in particular. You're not even getting it to make a point. No, don't worry; I completely understand. You want a big explosion because you're just that kind of brain-damaged moron. Well, this'll give you that explosion, provided your squadmates let you live long enough to fire it. You're toying with their lives too, you know.
  • Creds: 15000
  • Ammo: Single-use, and then the whole thing is gone.
  • Requirements: Goes on one of your ship's two storage mounts. Cannot mount if something is already there.
  • Rolls: Attacker's Unconventional vs Defender's Intuition/Engines

Additional Details

  • Considerably larger than you'll ever need
  • Can be chucked forwards dive-bomb style or manually placed
  • Comes with free handy lawn chair so you can watch, if you ask
  • Instantly paints you as the "insane one" and ups your street cred
  • Description says "run, retard, run" but it probably won't do you any good
  • Can be set to timed or remote detonation
  • Hackable once primed or launched
  • Can be disabled manually on-site
  • 680m - 1.26km fireball (space - surface)
  • Severe damage within 325m - 2.82km (space - air blast)
  • Moderate damage within 760m - 7km (space - air blast)
  • Thermal radiation radius 1.6km - 12.6km (space - air blast)

Ingame Example

Best used for making your allies afraid of you, and getting them to take you out in their first turn.

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