Mk 1b Luxury Casket
Want to make a statement? This is how you do it. Soft, expensive leather seat (yes, the real stuff, imported directly from Earth), extra cupholders, second seat, lots of extra room, cockpit AI and some extra-powered engines make for a really sweet ride. While everyone will probably assume you think you're better than them, and that's probably true! But you'll have the flashiest ride regardless - for you, and a minion of your choice. We even removed the robotic arm mounts for you so you can still get through those peskily tight spaces.
  • Creds: 4000 creds
  • Ammo: None
  • Requirements: None
  • Rolls: All stats

Additional Details

  • Automatic Pressure System - no more accidentally opening your cockpit before evacuating the air, or taking off your helmet before pressurizing
  • Adaptive suspension with automatic four-corner leveling - practically lands itself, no matter your piloting skill
  • Powered hatches
  • Doesn't have any of those bulky, cringeworthy robotic arm mounts
  • Second seat for minion of choice or significant other
  • Engines 50% faster than the Mk 1 CASKET ((This actually translates to farther max movement distance ingame))
  • Handcrafted interior with flawless leather trim and a choice of wood veneers
  • "Picnic" trunk provides a seating platform for two and offers easy access to the luggage compartment
  • Includes front and rear parking cameras
  • Choose from a wide array of paint colors
  • Plenty of interior trim material choices

Ingame Example

Technical Details

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