Take a Mk 2 CASKET, equip it with Enhanced Mounting Systems and a Blink Teleporter, and you have the Mk3 CASKET. The pinnacle of traditional ship design, it grants the user enhanced weapons capabilities, speed and durability, and allows them to flash around the battlefield like a Gandalf/Loki cross. Also includes a number of interesting "secret" prototypical features that you might discover if you're intuitive enough, and a helpful AI that doesn't know about them.
  • Creds: 10000
  • Ammo: Blinks a maximum of two kilometers, and requires approximately one minute to recharge.
  • Requirements: Auxiliary +2
  • Rolls: All Stats

Additional Details

  • Requires extra aux ability to handle properly; this factors into the cheaper cost. More bang for your buck!
  • CASKET manual
  • Enhanced Mounting Systems for extra easy-access firepower
  • Blink Teleporter for jumping around the battlefield
  • Helpful AI
  • Includes FirmaFoam Systems
  • Includes CockPod System

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