Mobile Workstation
Just want the workstation, and don't want any of the other ridiculous stuff that goes along with it? Plan to scavenge from your environment? Throw stuff together on the fly? Be a true MacGyver? We can help with that. In fact, we encourage intelligent manufacturing and cleverness. This workstation costs only a single cred, mounts to one of your ship's auxiliary hardpoints, and can go pretty much wherever you need it to. And in case it wasn't clear - it doesn't come with parts.
  • Creds: 1000
  • Ammo: 1 mobile workstation
  • Requirements: An auxiliary hardpoint
  • Rolls: Handiwork

Additional Details

  • Is mobile
  • Is a workstation
  • Build things
  • Fix things
  • Upgrade things
  • Only costs 1000 creds

Ingame Example

Technical Details

Ship: Conventional
Ship: Unconventional
Ship: Exotic
Ship: Auxiliary
Ship: Handiwork
Ship: Robotics
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