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Holy shit - you're actually intelligent? Well, let me see what we have for someone like you… Hrm… Doesn't look like much - most of our "clientele" act like raging lunatics. Ah, wait a moment - I have just the thing. This Multi-Use Scanner Extension permits isolation and recovery of detailed data pertaining to the composition of minerals and elements located in adequate proximity to the protruding sensors. Includes apparatus suitable for limited extraction, containment, and archival of samples, in addition to spectral imaging equipment designed to provide extensive information on particulate substances. Most importantly, it clearly demonstrates your superior intelligence to inferior specimens such as your comrades.
  • Creds: 1000
  • Ammo: None
  • Requirements: None
  • Rolls: Robotics

Additional Details

  • Contains small autorotary drill (SAD)
  • Contains laser-induced breakdown spectrometer (LIDS)
  • Contains remote micro imager telescope (REMIT)
  • Contains alpha particle emission x-ray spectrometer (APEX)
  • Contains x-ray powder diffraction instrument (XRD)
  • Contains camera to provide multiple spectra and true-color imaging (CAMERA)
  • Maximum range of about a meter from the robotic arm
  • If you don't know what any of this means, get the hell out of the laboratory
  • Can take samples and store them in containers within itself, so you don't need to get out or carry a cargo pod
  • Cannot store samples not taken with the arm

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Technical Details

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