Nanobot Pack
What appears to be an unassuming block of metal is actually a swarm of nanobots. You can command it with your mind to take almost whatever shape you want - and even get it to do things like eating away at different materials, picking off pieces to shape into something else. Keep in mind that the more complex the activity, the more mental control it will take. Also keep in mind that unlike the ship-mounted Nanobot Rod, the Nanobot Pack can be remotely controlled by other sentient lifeforms - if they know that that's what it is. Best not to make it change shape with any enemies present.
  • Creds: 0
  • Ammo: You get a block of the stuff. Just a warning: should not be made to produce more nanobots.
  • Rolls: Attacker's PSI and General Knowledge vs appropriate defender skills

Additional Details

  • Does not fly; more utilitarian and defensive than offensive
  • Will go dormant if out of close proximity to wielder, or if wielder falls unconscious
  • No adverse effects if wielder panics
  • Can get blown up; will not reassemble itself if this happens; does not like radiation or fire
  • Too much strain can cause the nanobots to go haywire
  • Will form literally anything you want it to, if you have the appropriate knowledge and willpower
  • Good general knowledge weapon
  • Making complex objects may require general knowledge rolls; these can be rolled once per mission per object; successful rolls last the game for the particular object
  • Trying to form multiple objects in a single turn ("if that doesn't work, try X") counts as multirolls
  • Resilient against bullets, rails and slugs
  • Can combine with other blocks for even bigger stuff
  • Occupies 10x15x20cm (about 4x6x8in) of space
  • Hooks on your belt for easy carry
  • Can eat into materials
  • Can be ordered to make new "wild" nanobots out of appropriate material, but these "wild" nanobots are more difficult to control (1x nanobot copies = -1 to rolls)
  • Ordering "wild" nanobots to create new "double wild" nanobots makes the new ones even more difficult to control (1x nanobot copy copies = -2 to rolls (for a total of -3)) (ergo, not advised)
  • If you lose control, all nanobots go feral and will attack anything in sight to attempt replication

Ingame Example

Technical Details

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