Nanobot Rod
To outwards appearances, this is nothing but an unassuming chrome tube where one of your weapon mounts ought to be. In reality, it's a rod of pure nanobots. It has the ability to transform itself into simple and mildly complex forms, as well as to move independently and separate into individual pieces, so long as the pieces remain in contact. The downside is that it has a range of about 75 meters, outside of which the nanobots die and collapse into a puddle.
  • Creds: 5000
  • Ammo: None
  • Requirements: PSI Unit +1
  • Rolls: Re-form: Attacker's PSI Unit
    Use: Attacker's Maneuverability and Exotic vs Defender's Maneuverability and Durability

Additional Details

  • Nanobots are weak while moving, but lock themselves into place when "set", forming solid structures
  • Nanobots are immensely strong once set; can withstand hits from smaller impact weapons and be used as a shield
  • Can form into a weapon if desired. Good for cutting, stabbing, or prying
  • Can be thought of as a poor man's robotics item
  • Multiple nanobot rods can stack to build more complex structures
  • Can be used to seal holes in the hull and pipelines; locks into place when set
  • Could conceivably function as somewhat spindly legs for your CASKET, or perhaps a sled
  • Nanobots can be lost due to significant impacts, over-extension, or poor manipulation
  • Will reform themselves if fed scrap metal and electronics and ordered to reform
  • Will be replaced upon mission completion

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