Nanoglob Pack
You want to bring the pain, right? This is how you bring the pain. Every fleshy, sparkling silver-blue nanoglob squeeze ball contains enough liquid hatred to fuel a third galactic war. The nanoglobs burst on impact with a surface, exposing the pressurized liquid to the outside environment. As it boils, it spews out an aerosol cloud of nanobots that live for one purpose: to chew their way into heat sources and cause as much agony to nerve tissue as they can. For a few minutes, your foes will scream in endless torment, writhing around on the floor in utter agony while you look on, a satisfied smile on your face as you ponder how disappointing it is that your bliss cannot last forever.
  • Creds: Free
  • Ammo: Six nanoglobs
  • Requirements: An arm to throw with
    Optionally, sadism
  • Rolls: Attacker's Unconventional vs defender's Maneuverability
    If successful, defender rolls endurance -1

Additional Details

  • Nanoglobs can potentially burst while you carry them - store them safely
  • A fun toy for a sadist
  • A fun toy for a masochist as well, though you'll likely regret it
  • Comes in a pack of six - fun for the whole family
  • Can get multiple people in the same burst, if they're within 5m of the rupture point
  • Works best in an atmosphere
  • If the enemy is incapable of enduring it, will keep them inactive for the duration of the turn, plus one more
  • Armor? What's that?

Ingame Example

Technical Details

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