Nanomorph Gun
This gun fires soft bricks of nanobots at targets. Upon impact, the nanobots disperse and can be mentally controlled at a distance. With this mental control you can command the nanobots to utilize pre-existing material to form whatever your heart desires - assuming you have the appropriate materials at hand. Can also be used to repair allied ships, if you're skilled enough. Ammo does not recharge, but manual insertion of more material into the barrel can permit your nanobots to craft more of themselves - provided you still have some left.
  • Creds: 7000
  • Ammo: 5 round magazine. Additional magazines may be purchased for 2000 creds each.
  • Requirements: +1 PSI Unit
  • Rolls: Attacker's PSI Unit and Exotic vs defender's Durability and Maneuverability

Additional Details

  • Does all sorts of things - limited mainly by your creativity
  • Does not taste good, despite resembling bricks of bubblegum
  • Great for medics, engineers, or people that just want to do something hilarious
  • Can also really rip up enemy ships
  • Can tunnel holes through thick armor too
  • Makes the most badass pinwheels you've ever seen

Ingame Example

Technical Details

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Ship: Unconventional
Ship: Exotic
Ship: Auxiliary
Ship: Handiwork
Ship: Robotics
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