Neural Connector Psyamp
This is basically a Field Manipulator tuned specifically to interact with neural tissue. This lets the user manipulate the neurochemistry of enemies, implanting suggestions, memories, emotions, and so on. You can also tap into and experience the target's memories. Useful for subtly convincing enemies to shoot each other or for convincing that hot girl in Squad 4 to go out with you. Something to keep in mind: In order for this amp to read, rather than write, it temporarily overwrites the user's own mind. The process is generally safe, but someone with a poor PSI Unit might not be able to change that back.
  • Creds: 10000
  • Ammo: Takes some time to recharge; useful once per turn
  • Requirements: PSI Unit +2
  • Rolls: Attacker's PSI Unit and Exotic vs Defender's PSI Unit and Charisma

Additional Details

  • People with more charisma tend to have stronger resistance to this particular amp
  • Dangerous to use if you're not strong-willed yourself, or if the enemy is particularly strong-willed
  • Can actually let you read minds as described, in condensed form so you don't have to deal with background noise
  • Lets you experience memories if you wish; can be used to recall a password or figure out which door of the three doesn't have a boarbear behind it
  • Can convince that hot chick in Squad 4 to go out with you, though this is generally considered rape on multiple levels (not that you care, being a criminal)
  • Lets you implant memories as well

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