Neutron Beam Projector
The exact technobabble behind how this baby works is going to go way over your heads, so I'll explain it like this: This weapon fires a large, invisible beam of "OH SHIT RUN" that methodically melts your targets to sizzling pools of goo. Can double as a barbeque at low power, so long as you like your meat well-done. While slightly less powerful than a proton sword in destructive capability, the massive width of its beam tends to make up for that.
  • Creds: 9000
  • Ammo: Generator good for 1 five-second use. Takes one turn to recharge. Cannot be interrupted once the trigger is pulled without risking total annihilation of the pilot.
    In other words, you cannot dodge, flee, or anything else while using this weapon. Applied penalty lasts for one layer.
  • Requirements: Energy +1
  • Rolls: Attacker's Energy and Conventional vs Defender's Durability and Intuition

Additional Details

  • Deals fairly heavy damage (will totally melt through the hulls of fighter-sized ships)
  • Shot cannot be interrupted
  • Fire it and forget it
  • Don't expect to be able to stop the beam just because the target is destroyed
  • Beam is wide and diffuses quickly
  • Best at close range

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