Non-Newtonian Armor
When you buy this, we'll apply a layer of specialized non-newtonian fluids in special membranes around the insides of your CASKET's hull. Not only will that sound really awesome, but it'll greatly reduce the damage you take from blunt forces such as bullets. You won't be able to shrug off a railgun round, but you can definitely take one of them and keep going.
  • Creds: 8000
  • Ammo: None
  • Requirements: Durability +1
  • Rolls: None needed

Additional Details

  • You probably will actually be able to shrug off a railgun round; SCAMPS is used to the older antique version
  • Fluid can spill in the event of a major hull breach; generally retains its shape regardless
  • Contained in numerous sealed cavities; if you lose one, the rest will still function
  • Does pretty much nothing against lasers, but excels against projectiles, melee weapons, and missiles
  • Will make you feel like there's nothing wrong with your ship at all after you get hit

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