Piton Gun
This standard-issue forceps-mounted weapon is a guaranteed one-shot-kill to anything smaller than a hamster. While not much more than a glorified nailgun, this has saved the life of more than one intrepid soldier by virtue of being on their enemy's ship. However, a lucky shot is quite capable of destroying glass, plastic, or computer equipment. And best of all - it's mounted on your forceps.
  • Creds: 1000
  • Ammo: 60 rounds per magazine, semi-automatic. Extra magazines are two for 1000 creds.
  • Requirements: A working robotic arm.
  • Rolls: For attacks: Attacker's Energy and Robotics vs Defender's Durability and Intuition

  For regular use, rolls Robotics only

Additional Details

  • Shoots large nail-like things
  • Due to launch system design, can be loaded with things besides nails
  • Can be used as construction equipment
  • Cheap gun, nice firepower, don't use in ship fights
  • Mostly an anti-infantry weapon with some tool-use potential
  • Usually doesn't pierce fighter hulls unless fired perpendicularly at a weak point

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