Pressure Globe
A single use, nanobot-built pressurized spherical tent designed to be deployed during a mission in order to provide a relatively safe environment where more complex ship repair and medical aid can be carried out. And when we say "safe", we mean "pressurized and filled with breathable gases". It's not armored, so if you go trying to use it as a shield, we wash our hands of it. Your funeral, kid. Note: Not machine washable.
  • Creds: 1500
  • Ammo: Single use, cannot be repacked. Restocked after each mission, if you bring the casing back in one piece.
  • Requirements: Goes on one of your ship's two storage mounts. Cannot mount if something is already there.
  • Rolls: None needed

Additional Details

  • Can fit up to two CASKETs
  • Contains spherically-mounted lights for decent lighting
  • Does not hold up well to enemy fire, at all; should be deployed somewhere safe
  • Opaque canvas material prevents you from becoming a glistening beacon of "shoot here, please"
  • Blackened outer coating can make you practically invisible in visible light

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