PSI Helm
One of the questions I get asked the most often is, "SCAMPS, why isn't the PSI helm standard equipment? It costs so many creds!" Because it's expensive as hell to manufacture, dipshit. We're talking about the contents of a regular PSI chair contained in something the size of a helmet. Yes, it looks a little strange - that's to be expected. It connects into your brain through terminals we've installed in your spinal column and basically reads your mind. As with anything, this takes skill - but it does free you up to carry less. If you want to specialize in psionics, good for you - this is probably what you want. If you don't, well - don't bother complaining about the price.
  • Creds: 4000
  • Ammo: None
  • Requirements: A head
  • Rolls: Only if decapitated

Additional Details

  • Works the same way as the PSI Pack
  • Has two variable helmet lamps
  • Built in comm systems
  • Contains a camera to convey data to SCAMPS
  • Damaging the helmet renders operation useless

Ingame Example

Technical Details

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