Psycomp Enhancement
Your current PSI unit is pretty simple - it hooks into your brain, processes your willpower, and then turns it into motion with psychokinetic amps. Pretty cool, right? Not cool enough. This upgrade lets you hook your mind directly into your computer. If you thought you were cool before, imagine how cool you'll be now. Allows you to recall information from the computer and control any computer-related activities with your PSI Unit - and more importantly, lets you use higher-tier PSI weaponry even earlier on than you would normally have to.
  • Creds: 6000
  • Ammo: None
  • Requirements: None
  • Rolls: None

Additional Details

  • Does not increase your computer or hacking stat, or anything else
  • Permits you to command your ship with your mind directly
  • Lets you mentally interact with your ship's databases
  • Gives you mental warnings when someone is trying to hack and gives you a turn to react
  • Successful hacks can be devastating if targeted at your person
  • Gives you a +1 bonus to your PSI Unit stat OR Exotic Weaponry skill relative to installing exotic weapons
  • Does not affect how good you are at using said weapons

Ingame Example

Technical Details

Ship: Conventional
Ship: Unconventional
Ship: Exotic
Ship: Auxiliary
Ship: Handiwork
Ship: Robotics
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