Quantum Cannon
Thanks to Platoon 56's recovery of a Quantum anti-ship drone, we've been able to throw together a prototypical version of the thing. It's big and shiny, so we're sure you'll find it attractive, especially as it's got a imperial fuckton of firepower behind it. Sick of that annoying squadmate? Blast holes through him. Come up against an enemy you can't dodge? Blast holes through him. Tired of waiting for your hacker to open a door? Blast holes through him. As you can clearly see, when it comes to blasting holes through things, nothing beats Quantum tech. Can fire multishots or single shots; takes some time to recharge.
  • Creds: 8000
  • Ammo: Equipped with generator: recharges post-turn
  • Requirements: Energy +1
  • Rolls: Attacker's Energy + Conventional vs defender's Durability + Maneuverability

Additional Details

  • Based on alien technology, so it's really cool
  • Two fire modes: multishot or single shot
  • Charging generator and charging cannon are two different things; actually firing may take some time
  • Multishot sprays three plasma rounds in a conical pattern; wildly inaccurate and best at close range
  • Single shot shoots a single plasma round; much more accurate over distances
  • Shots are explosive and can deal a lot of damage even to lightly armored targets

Ingame Example

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