Quantum Minidrone
Designed after some of the miniaturized drones Platoon 56 discovered on the Chilendorn Mission, this little bugger is the ultimate in spying on hot chicks from Squad 4 while they shower. Completely silent except for a soft hum and looks epic as fuck. The classic purple alien sheen will really get the message across that you have extreme mental powers and you're not to be trifled with. Also has a gun that's capable of blowing chunks out of enemies. You can command it with your will or just let it piddle around doing whatever it wants. Buying three or more can make you look even cooler and upgrades you to miniboss status.
  • Creds: 0
  • Ammo: Fires as many rounds per minute as required; more shots lowers accuracy
  • Requirements: Your maximum amount of infantry weapons is limited by your strength.
    Setting it on Auto makes it fire on its own if done at least a turn before, giving you a higher maximum shot count
    Auto mode is typically not as reliable in choosing targets; drones on Auto will choose their own (enemy) targets
  • Rolls: Attacker's Auxiliary and PSI Unit vs defender's Maneuverability and Intuition

Additional Details

  • Weak shots generally wound enemies rather than killing them
  • Much blood loss a la Dinosawer for enemies that get hit
  • Uses thrusters to maneuver
  • Very weak, but very fast
  • Pseudointelligent: can dodge weapon fire without you ordering it to

Ingame Example

Technical Details

Infantry: Conventional
Infantry: Unconventional
Infantry: Exotic
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Infantry: Suits
Infantry: Anatomical
Infantry: Standard
Infantry: Drugs
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