Repair Kit
Allows the user to fix any number of minor ship malfunctions or damage. Not effective for major failures, but for small patches here and there, it's got everything you need. Usable either by hands or by robotic fingers. Comes in a handy case easily accessible by your ship's robotic arms.
  • Creds: 2000
  • Ammo: None
  • Requirements: Goes on one of your ship's two storage mounts. Cannot mount if something is already there.
  • Rolls: Handiwork Skill

Additional Details

  • Contains various small ship patches, including plastic and metal sheeting
  • Contains blowtorch and welding metal
  • Contains many different types of screwdrivers, small knives and wrenches; will fit most Tartarus devices
  • Easily used in its entirety by your ship's robotic arms if you have the robotic finger attachment
  • Contains two rolls of duct tape, easy to use
  • Contains a tube of sealing resin excellent for patching suit problems
  • Has wheels on the bottom for easy transport; still difficult to lift or pull up stairs

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Ship: Unconventional
Ship: Exotic
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