Riot Shield
The riot shield is an icon of heavy law enforcement, used even in its earliest days. In an ironic twist, you can now have a heavy-duty version for your very own. Its transparent duraluminum body will stand up to all but the heaviest attacks, and if you've noticed me using the word "heavy" a lot in this description, you're right to think there's a reason for it. Heavy, slow, and cumbersome, the riot shield is a difficult item to use, and generally only good for protecting you from one side.
  • Creds: 0
  • Ammo: None
  • Rolls: Cannot be used aggressively to much effect
    For bashing, rolls attacker's Energy and Maneuverability vs opponents Energy and Maneuverability

Additional Details

  • Anything behind it has full cover; shots are highly unlikely to get around
  • Only shields you in one direction at a time
  • Heavy as hell, but if you have the strength for it, works great
  • Sprinting while holding it causes you to do double rolls, with the least of each
  • Completely transparent - protects you from weapon fire and you can still see your enemies
  • The wielder can still shoot around it without much trouble
  • You can only wield one-handed weapons while holding the shield
  • Can do a shield bash (mostly ineffective; can cause enemy to stumble for a moment)

Ingame Example

Technical Details

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