Rocket Boots
Ever since you were a kid, you always looked to the skies and dreamed you could fly. Every waking moment was spent imagining how majestic it would be to soar through the air. You drew up designs for wings and even tried to build some, but as ingenious as your solutions were, they failed to leave you satisfied. Most unfortunately of all, you were too fucking retarded to realize that we have spaceships, dumbass. If you still want to fly but don't want ships, you probably want Rocket Boots. Much less bulky and powerful than the Jump Jet alternative, it gives you rockets on your boots. How obvious. It also gives you smaller stabilizing rockets on your hands to keep you from flying out of control - but still requires some degree of skill and can be dangerous if you don't have it. A cheap alternative to just grabbing a gravitic shotgun.
  • Creds: 2000
  • Ammo: +0 Auxiliary permits one use of the generator per two turns
    +2 Auxiliary permits one use of the generator per turn
    Every additional level of Aux over 2 permits an extra use of the generator per turn
  • Requirements: +0 Auxiliary
  • Rolls: Auxiliary x 2
    In combat (kicking or punching enemies in the face): attacker's Auxiliary and Maneuverability vs defender's Maneuverability and Speed

Additional Details

  • Only good for short distances (100 meters or less)
  • Doesn't work well if you try to fly vertically
  • Extra Auxiliary permits you to skillfully ration your power consumption
  • Great for kicking enemies in the face (typically instakills humans if you make contact)
  • Thrusters are only mildly weaponizable and may burn exposed tissue
  • Makes you look like Iron Man - if only briefly
  • Not nearly as powerful as the Jump Jet and less utilitarian than the Thruster Pack, but much better for combat
  • Multiroll penalties still apply

Ingame Example

Technical Details

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