Rocket Launcher
This is Bob. This, is also Bob. And this is Bob, too. We gave Bob an anti-ship weapon. He shot it at the wall two meters away. Now, he's everywhere. Don't be like Bob. …But no, really, it's like a jump-scare reflexive reaction or something. If you'd had rocket launchers since your prehistory, I'm sure evolution would've naturally committed genocide against you guys by killing off all the stupid ones. It was funny the first few times, sure - and a few times after that - but you morons should try to do something a little more creative at this point. Has a limited supply of rockets, and you can choose what types you want.
  • Creds: Free
  • Ammo: Four rockets/missiles, of your choice
    • Types:
      • Dumbfire (Rocket)
      • Anti-personnel (Rocket)
      • Anti-armor (Rocket)
      • Shield Disruptor (Rocket)
      • Heatseeker (Missile)
      • Laser guided (Missile)
      • Lock-on (Missile)
  • Requirements: Your maximum amount of infantry weapons is limited by your strength.
    Takes up two infantry item slots
  • Rolls: Against infantry: Attacker's Energy + Conventional vs defender's Maneuverability + Speed
    Against ships/armor: Attacker's Energy + Conventional vs defender's Maneuverability + Durability

Additional Details

  • Launcher isn't actually as big as you'd expect; easy to maneuver with
  • Has missiles too
  • Recoil means you need to have a certain strength to wield it properly
  • Ammo can be selected at any time from what you choose to carry with you
  • Explosions are very large
  • Missiles have a tendency to hit walls and ceilings directly in front of you in tight spaces
  • For the love of god, please don't be like Bob
  • Takes some time to reload - twice as long as most weapons
  • Can fire up to two rockets on a single turn without accuracy penalty
  • 1.5km range, maximum


Standard Dumbfire Rocket

  • Good all-around weapon
  • Decent destructive power
  • Good in tight spaces
  • Large blast radius
  • If you fire it at yourself it shows how dumb you are, hence the name

Anti-personnel Rocket

  • Good against all organics in general
  • Extra boost when trying to hit and kill organics
  • Flings shrapnel in all directions
  • Not so good against ships or thick armor
  • Larger, if weaker, blast radius

Anti-armor Rocket

  • Much more power than missiles, making it excellent against ships
  • Must be aimed manually
  • Smaller, more condensed blast radius than the anti-personnel rocket
  • Packs a lot of punch
  • Aim carefully; best to wait for the attacking ship to come close or slow down

Shield Disruptor

  • Rocket: Must be aimed manually
  • Really only good against shields, regardless of type
  • Does approximately 4x damage to a shield
  • Activates electrical disruptor systems right before impact for maximum effect
  • Causes shields to expend a great deal of extra energy
  • Pretty much useless against anything that isn't a shield

Heatseeker Missile

  • Follows the nearest and strongest source of IR heat, be it man or machine
  • Not good against significantly cold targets
  • Fire it and it guides itself from there on out, even around mountains and other obstacles
  • Somewhat standard blast radius
  • Somewhat easily distracted by chaff
  • Like all missiles, not wise to use in enclosed spaces

Laser Guided Missile

  • After launch, follows a laser from your launcher to the target
  • Launcher must remain properly aimed for the duration
  • Good against any kind of target, provided nothing gets in the way
  • Not entirely wise to use in tight spaces, even though less dangerous
  • Impervious to chaff
  • Accurate over longer ranges

Lock-on Missile

  • Can lock on to any kind of target
  • Can be dumbfired - dumbfire is much less accurate
  • Takes some time to lock on; user is vulnerable during this time
  • Once locked on, will chase the target to the bitter end
  • "Bitter end" can also mean "the target went behind a mountain"
  • Impervious to chaff
  • Accuracy is excellent
  • After lock-on, must be immediately fired or lock-on will be canceled

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