Rocket SML
Why use bullets when you can unleash a hailstorm of tiny explosive warheads instead? This sub-machine launcher will unleash a large quantity of rocket-propelled death pills at a rate of five per second and can reduce a slab of concrete into gravel in roughly half that. Unfortunately, they take a little while to detonate and will quickly lose accuracy with distance, rendering the ammo ineffective at anything but medium range… but you could probably still ram it into someone.
  • Creds: 6000
  • Ammo: Magazine with enough rounds for 15 uses. Each extra magazine costs 2000 creds (restocks post-mission).
  • Requirements: Energy +0
  • Rolls: Attacker's Energy and Conventional vs Defender's Durability and Maneuverability

Additional Details

  • Rips up light armor like paper; can damage heavy armor with enough skill
  • High rate of fire
  • Not guided
  • Most useful at medium range

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