Semiautomatic Pistol
As the gunslinger's best friend, the pistol has been around for ages, and will probably still be around for a long time. Basically a hand cannon with three high-caliber bullets, you can be quite certain that anything you shoot at is as good as dead, especially if it's butt naked. With a better degree of accuracy than the assault rifle, and better rate of fire than the gauss rifle, the pistol is still a pretty pathetic weapon compared to that of your CASKET. Gods, why did you even eject in the first place?
  • Creds: 0
  • Ammo: 3 uses before reloading, extra ammo also free (consider it infinite)
  • Rolls: Attacker's Conventional Weaponry and Strength vs Defender's Intuition and Maneuverability

   For regular use, rolls Conventional only.

Additional Details

  • Better than SCAMPS claims
  • Is a Gauss pistol; can penetrate light armor
  • A well-aimed shot can penetrate heavy armor
  • High degree of accuracy at most ranges if you're a good shooter
  • Good at all but long range
  • Bit less of a pistol and a bit more of a one-handed miniature cannon due to the caliber of the rounds

Ingame Example

Behind you, Triggerhappy yelps like something bit him; you look back and see him crumple to one knee, just before taking out an attacking drone with his pistol. — GTD Mission 3, turn 6

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