Sideshield Upgrade
Don't like using robotics? Fine, fine, maybe you're a more militaristic type, or a tank afficionado. Maybe you're just retarded and think the robotic arms are ugly - or, FSM forbid, you think arms produce drag in space. Whatever the hell your reason is for disliking robotics, it's a reason to like the sideshield upgrade. Each purchase adds a sturdy curved shield of carbon nanotube reinforced steel on to the side of the CASKET, right where your robotic arm used to be. A pair of robotic arms have a tendency to get damaged, and a pair of these have a tendency to protect you, deflecting up to 40% of shots under appropriate circumstances. As a result, you look slightly smarter than you probably are.
  • Creds: 1000
  • Ammo: One side; second purchase required for second side
  • Requirements: Fits on one of your robotic arm slots
  • Rolls: Nothing

Additional Details

  • Really does deflect shots; single shield can deflect half of 40%
  • For those of you that can't math, that means you only take four fifths of all damage
  • For those of you that can't intelligence, that means you're safer
  • For those of you that can't read, just kill yourself already

Ingame Example

Technical Details

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