Spike Attachment
The story goes that our lead weapons designer got the idea after jamming his finger in a pencil sharpener out of boredom. We promptly fired him for a level of stupidity we'd only previously seen from the likes of you, but kept his idea, as this makes a fairly efficient and powerful ramming weapon. Attached to the end of one of your CASKET's robotic arms, the ramming spike can and will impale anything you point it at. Warning: Do not point at own face.
  • Creds: 1000
  • Ammo: None
  • Requirements: Only one attachment per arm
  • Rolls: For attacks, uses Attacker's Maneuverability and Robotics vs Defender's Durability and Maneuverability
    For ramming, uses Attacker's Maneuverability and Speed vs Defender's Durability and Maneuverability
    For regular use, rolls Robotics only

Additional Details

  • It's a spike.
  • Not so good against heavy armor.
  • Much more effective at killing things than the pincers.
  • Ramming is effective and doesn't require robotics

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