Stealth Field
Hopefully this will be the last time I decide to edit this description. THIS DOES NOT MAKE YOU IMPOSSIBLE TO DETECT. It makes a person "invisible" by bending light in the visible spectrum around the user. It also makes a faintly visible bubble effect, and absolutely will not hide or otherwise disguise belches, sneezes, and farts. Why do you numbskulls even think doing that near enemies is funny? This is a tool to help you sneak up on targets - SNEAK. That does not mean you can talk and laugh while you walk around, and you should probably stay in the shadows. Instead of relying on a piece of tech, actually use your brain for once! You have it for a reason.
  • Creds: 3000
  • Ammo: Battery good for ten turns
  • Requirements: None

Additional Details

  • State is toggled between on and off
  • While on, provides a passive effect
  • Does not make you impossible to detect; you are still faintly visible and mostly audible
  • Will muffle sounds of breathing and quiet walking
  • Utilizing cover, other noises, and darkness is still advised
  • Equivalent to a +1 to stealth rolls, post-calculation

Ingame Example

Technical Details

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Infantry: Exotic
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Infantry: Anatomical
Infantry: Standard
Infantry: Drugs
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