Including state-of-the-art cameras and intelligent interfaces, the TARGET Helm is capable of significantly increasing your accuracy with a multitude of holograms and displays projected on your visor. These follow your every waking thought, providing information about your targets and helping you keep track of evolving environmental changes. The helm works in reverse as well; by keeping track of your motor centers and your intended target, the helmet is able to send electrical impulses to your nervous center and help increase your aiming accuracy by up to 16%. While this may not seem like much, it has frequently been proven to be the difference between life and death, because all of you idiots are terrible at shooting - and those that aren't are typically terrible at everything else.
  • Creds: 3000
  • Ammo: None
  • Requirements: A head
  • Rolls: Only if decapitated

Additional Details

  • Stands for Tactical Aim-Revamping General Enhancement Tool helm
  • Gives a +1 to all rolls involving ranged conventional weapons; does not work for anything else
  • Gives you detailed information on the battlefield and enemies at your request, provided such information is known
  • Only works on foot
  • Has two variable helmet lamps
  • Built in comm systems
  • Contains a camera to convey data to SCAMPS
  • Damaging the helmet renders operation useless

Ingame Example

Technical Details

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