You're stranded on a semi-molten desert planet. Half your squad is dead. You're dying from the heat, and all around you, you see nothing but more rock, sand and lava. You whine and complain - you say you hope someone rescues you. But nobody knows you're here. Nobody even cares. Your squadmates hate you, and I hate you even more. It's times like this that I hope you thoughtlessly reach for your TheRMOS and drink the lava you sampled earlier. Powered by a highly unstable fission battery, the TheRMOS is your best bet for keeping samples stable at whatever temperature you want - within reason.
  • Creds: 0
  • Ammo: Can only store five samples
  • Requirements: Arms
  • Rolls: None

Additional Details

  • Stands for Thermo-Regulated Mobile Object Sampler
  • Fission battery is unstable and will cease to operate if removed
  • Small enough to fit in your backpack
  • Cheaply made and delicate; should not be used as a weapon
  • Store samples at any temperature
  • Standard REKT equipment

Ingame Example

Technical Details

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