Universal Field Manipulator
With this, you become a living god of technology - something all mankind should aspire to. With one weapon, you have the power to do absolutely anything you could dream of. The laws of the universe are yours to control, putty in your hands, begging to be made into a giant likeness of you - or whatever else you'd want to do with ultimate power. It also takes ultimate intelligence to be able to master, but it does at least leave you a large number of free slots for more conventional weaponry.
  • Creds: 20000
  • Ammo: Uses ship power
    Takes one turn to fully cool down, but can be used more than once once
    Multiple uses in rapid succession cause overheating, leading to longer cooldown times
    Using too rapidly can prove fatal
  • Requirements: Unconventional +4
  • Rolls: Attacker's Computer vs defender's Durability

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