Wrist Mounted Scythe
Katanas seem to be the weapon of choice in most fanfics. Everybody wants one, right? Well, spaceships and katanas don't exactly mix, but we've gotten you the next best thing: a thick, powerful blade with a razor-sharp edge, meant to be mounted on one of your CASKET's arms behind the foreceps. Effects vary depending on the target material, but it is generally highly effective, especially on plastic or cheap armor. Of course, being a melee weapon, you have to put yourself directly next to your target It's also slightly less than a meter long. Word of warning: try not to fly past an ally.
  • Creds: 500
  • Ammo: None, but replacement blades are free (provided there's something left of yours)
  • Requirements: Robotics +0; A working robotic arm.
  • Rolls: For attacks: Attacker's Maneuverability and Robotics vs Defender's Durability and Maneuverability

  For regular use, rolls Robotics only

Additional Details

  • Deals less damage than the large scythe
  • Is mounted on the "wrist" behind the pincers
  • Good for cutting weak things like cables or ropes - think of it like an xacto knife.
  • Does not roll penalties with other robotics items. Yes, that means you can safely do more attacks per turn.
  • Lacks the +1 bonus of most other melee robotics items.

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