Collapse Of Old Earth

In the year 2814, Earth's last natural resources were considered completely exhausted. A morbid, horrifying slum with constant storms, Earth served as a warning to any that might deplete the resources of their planets, and was considered by most to be a shameful blight upon humanity. Most exporting factories there had long ceased to produce justifiable income and moved elsewhere, taking with them many millions of jobs. Earth had become a poorhouse, and even its inhabitants called it "Old Earth". From the founding of New Earth in 2690, humanity had begun migrating inwards towards healthier planets nearer to the center of the galaxy. It was nothing new, but the official announcement that the wells were dry, the forests dead, the fish gone and the mines empty sounded a death knell for the planet's community, and a mass migration began. Anyone who could afford it moved away from Old Earth towards the center of the galaxy. While many of them brought commerce and a willingness for hard labor, others brought crime, to the detriment of the planets that were unfortunate enough to shelter them.