Exotic Infantry Gear

One-handed weapons

0 creds - Kinetic Chakram

This is an old alien weapon we've refurbished. It's kind of like a chakram - a piece of Old Earth's ancient weaponry. For you non-scholarly types - or, all of you - it's a flying disc of spinning fuck-you, but with a twist. It gains energy and momentum every time it bounces against something. Use gravity to bounce it along the floor, or bounce it along the walls, and with every bounce, it gets faster until it nears the enemy. The blades spin out, and it shreds your inferior, squishy bodies like wet tissue paper. Sounds like fun, right? That's the catch. Goof off with it, and I'll give your allies permission to shoot you dead. (And that's why nobody gets it.)

0 creds - Nanobot Pack

General knowledge-based
What appears to be an unassuming block of metal is actually a swarm of nanobots. You can command it with your mind to take almost whatever shape you want - and even get it to do things like eating away at different materials, picking off pieces to shape into something else. Keep in mind that the more complex the activity, the more mental control it will take. Also keep in mind that unlike the ship-mounted Nanobot Rod, the Nanobot Pack can be remotely controlled by other sentient lifeforms - if they know that that's what it is. Best not to make it change shape with any enemies present.

0 creds - Nanobot Swarm

General knowledge-based
"Oh, yeah, I had sandstorms back on my home planet." You ain't seen shit, kid. This hyperactive "fuck you" cloud does everything but give you the finger, because it doesn't need to. Based on some of the advanced technology we brought back from a Quantum world, it's more than happy to supply automated death wherever you like, so long as you have the willpower to control it. Will eat through flesh, bone and steel with equal ferocity - regardless of who or what it belongs to. Best not to leave it where the kids can get hold of it.

0 creds - Quantum Lash

Whether you want to look uniquely cool, want to dabble in alien archaeology, or even just want to exert your dominance, we have just the thing. We reverse-engineered this pint-sized powerhouse from some Quantum girl we captured. They seem to be adept at coming up with new ways for you assholes to kill yourselves, and frankly, I haven't seen many things that will do it more elegantly. With a higher self-inflicted casualty rate than even the rocket launcher, this baby will slice, dice, and puree to my heart's content. Nice knowing you, dumbass.

0 creds - Quantum Minidrone

Designed after some of the miniaturized drones Platoon 56 discovered on the Chilendorn Mission, this little bugger is the ultimate in spying on hot chicks from Squad 4 while they shower. Completely silent except for a soft hum and looks epic as fuck. The classic purple alien sheen will really get the message across that you have extreme mental powers and you're not to be trifled with. Also has a gun that's capable of blowing chunks out of enemies. You can command it with your will or just let it piddle around doing whatever it wants. Buying three or more can make you look even cooler.

Two-handed weapons

0 creds - CRISP

So you thought you could get away with stealing a pig? Hell no. You're shacked up with Tartarus now, asshole, and do you know what you get? Fucking balls of fire, that's what. As you step into combat, feel the world come alive as three balls of superheated plasma whirl around you, subject to your every whim. Of course, cool as they look, they're little more potent than shots from a plasma rifle, and you need to keep them in constant motion to stabilize them - they have a tendency to enjoy keeping your limbs company, and require a fair amount of skill to maintain. Good for flinging at enemies and keeping them at bay, and of course looking goddamn awesome. Suddenly you're wondering why you didn't steal a pig even sooner.

0 creds - Kinetic Battlestaff

You again? Shit. What is it with you and flashy? This two-handed whacking-stick is great at dishing out the pain, but if you're looking for something with more killing power, or an actual deathstick - you'll want something more conventional (preferably with bullets). As to this, the Kinetic Battlestaff is great at hitting things in crowded areas and particularly good at knocking people off their feet. The areas it excels in, though, are pleasing your primitive monkey-brain and playing extreme baseball.

0 creds - OMEGA Gun

The OMEGA Gun fires a single organomechanical squid-like insect at a time, about the size of your fist, with pincers strong enough to crack through light steel plate and a stinger that will floor a man in under two minutes. Requires some knowledge of the surrounding environment to use, and knowledge of the OMEGA's tendencies. Used incorrectly, an OMEGA will turn around and attack the user and his squadmates - but used correctly, a single OMEGA can turn the tide of a battle. Of course, none of you are intelligent enough to do that, so this is just in here to amuse me. Works well regardless of gravity or atmosphere, and grows a new insect in-between shots.

Heavy Weapons

Heavy weapons take up more than one slot and can only be held with both hands, but are capable of extraordinary things. Some may have limited ammo.
A second heavy weapon costs three slots instead of two.

0 creds - PSI Pack

Somewhat similar to the CASKET's standard PSI Unit, this PSI Pack is big, bulky, fits in a heavy weapons holster, and connects with your suit's PSI systems. It can be equipped with a variety of amp cartridges, but be aware that overloading yourself with more cartridges than you're capable of using will cause a neural shutdown. If someone asks if you're a god, you always say yes. Now you can show them something impressive to prove it.

Amp Units

Amp units are installed in a PSI Pack and require one to function at all. Without a PSI Pack, they kind of go limp. The number of amps you are allowed to get is dependent on your Willpower.

Amp units cannot be dual-wielded during the initiation of a field or an effect. This means you cannot do two actions at once. They require full use of your brainpower. You only have one brain. In addition, the effects of amps wear out at the end of a turn unless explicitly stated otherwise. The exception to this rule is if you "maintain" the amp's effects with another roll in the first half of your turn.
Amp units require at least one free hand to assist in flow direction. It's complicated, technical stuff you're not intelligent enough to understand.

0 creds - Charismatic Amp Unit

You do not want to buy this amp unit. This amp unit is not something you're interested in. You don't want to believe that this amp unit is capable of controlling your enemies and their thoughts. You want to use guns like a normal, more intelligent person. You don't want to continue asking questions. You want to leave me alone and stop bothering me. You want to go sit quietly in your cell. You want to think about how stupid you were to wind up on Tartarus. You want to feel miserable. You want to end yourself and do the rest of the universe a favor. You definitely don't want to tell HADES I'm attempting to mind control you to make you leave me alone. You understand that HADES would get mad at you for that, not me. …It doesn't seem to be working anymore on you anyway. Maybe you're so dumb you went past weak-minded to total retard and the Charismatic Amp Unit lost its influence. I didn't really care anyway.

0 creds - Electro Amp Unit

Now you can REALLY shoot lightning out of your fingertips. You know you've always wanted to. Scream "UNLIMITED POWER" and zap your enemies until their heart stops. Everything is better when your fingers throw sparks. Of course, it doesn't just have to be your fingers - it can be from absolutely anything with an electric charge. Bringing some batteries along can help. Designed to fit into your standard PSI Pack, and won't function without it, unless you plan on throwing it like a rock. If you have two, you can make electricity arc from the one you throw, making it that much cooler.

0 creds - Gravity Amp Unit

This works mostly the same way as the mass manipulation amp, except it's not quite as cool. While the mass manipulation lets you manipulate things, this lets you throw them around wildly… which is actually kind of cool, now that I think of it. I suppose you could also use it to let your allies walk on the ceiling, or let them leap to the other side of the room. Those things are pretty cool too. Actually, this thing is probably just a lot cooler than the MMA altogether. Not sure if it's as useful, but hey - you never know.

0 creds - Mass Manipulation Amp Unit

Throw stuff! Pull stuff! Lift stuff! Like the skirt of that hot girl in Squad Four! Almost anything is possible with this Amp Unit! Of course, when I say "almost", I mean "almost anything that isn't particularly heavy or needs to go particularly fast". If you want to do that, you might want to stick to your ship's PSI Unit, because it's a lot more powerful. Designed to fit into your standard PSI Pack, and won't function without it, unless you plan on throwing it like a rock. Then again, if you have two, you can use one to throw the other.

0 creds - Microwave Amp Unit

Heat your ravioli with the power of your mind! Fry ants to watch them squirm! This upgrade may not permit you to do anything particularly amazing, but it can definitely be useful every now and then. Heat won't penetrate very deeply, but you don't even have to be in the same room to use it, provided you know where your target is. Designed to fit into your standard PSI Pack, and won't function without it, unless you plan on throwing it like a rock.

0 creds - Nullfield Amp Unit

This cartridge works about the same way as its ship-mounted counterpart. You choose an area and can immediately shut down power to almost anything within it, provided it has enough electricity running through it. This typically includes most non-ballistic weaponry, doors, and spacesuits. While this baby only has limited use against ships, it is capable of severely hampering their capabilities - but only briefly. Also works well for pretending a house is haunted. Great fun for Halloween and horror movies in general.

0 creds - Stasis Amp Unit

This thing is based on something we've seen Mimir Corporation lugging around. It basically projects an inverted one-way force field out around a target of your choice, trapping them in place. It's rather weak and fairly pathetic against weapon fire, but you can shoot idiots through it from your side. Particularly hilarious if they try to throw a grenade. Collect them all! Batteries sold separately.

0 creds - Telepathic Amp Unit

This is one of those things that seemed like a really good idea until we actually tried it. We're giving it to you anyway. It's not good for much - mostly reading minds. On the other hand, if you want to read someone's mind (or even send them a message or two), this is the only way to do it. Designed to fit into your standard PSI Pack, and won't function without it, unless you plan on throwing it like a rock. If you have two and throw one at somebody's face, you get to telepathically read their surprise, and that's fun, right?