Exotic Weapons

2000 creds - Force Infuser

This looks like the cowcatcher thing we called a Kinetic Bumper, but with a metal plate right in front-center. The user presses the disk onto whatever they want, and think about the direction they want it to move, and with how much force. Then, assuming you did it right and the battery has the juice to do it, the object will move. The battery for the system stores kinetic energy, absorbed through the disk. How you get this energy here is entirely up to you.

3000 creds - Bubble Blower

The bubble blower is a gun. It blows little bubbles. The bubbles are fields maintained by nanotech. The bubbles will latch onto anything they hit. The bubbles can also be pre-programmed to redesign the molecular structure of whatever they land on, letting you change armor into soap. The bubbles are also very hard to aim, because you move them with your mind. Sometimes the bubbles miss. Sometimes the bubbles bounce. Sometimes the bubbles hit your ship. For your sake, let's hope the bubbles don't.

3000 creds - Cryo Psyamp

Stone-cold killer? You? Nah, you're past that. You're cold as ice, without a shred of humanity left in you. If you want a weapon to match your hatred of everything that moves (and even some things that don't), look no further. The Cryo Psyamp is kind of like a freeze ray, and is the Microwave FM's older, colder brother. The way it works is so dizzyingly complicated that you can't possibly input the calculations in time, so we have to attach it directly to your brain. Sound fun? It might be. We'll even install a little dashcam aimed directly at your face: the next time you're massacring helpless innocents and you get that little hint of a smile, we'll cap it. You could actually have a decent picture to go on your funeral brochure now.

4000 creds - Null Field Psyamp

Utilizing multi-dimensional tech that makes our brightest engineers uncomfortably squirm, the Null Field Psyamp can shift a portion of space to force it to drop any electrical currents. In effect, this will stop anything utilizing electrical energy dead in its tracks. Unfortunately, it only works on energy of over 100 millivolts, so it's not much against disabling humans. It can, however, let you temporarily freeze an enemy ship while you batter it with bullets - provided you remember to keep the field going, of course.

5000 creds - Nanobot Rod

To outwards appearances, this is nothing but an unassuming chrome tube where one of your weapon mounts ought to be. In reality, it's a rod of pure nanobots. It has the ability to transform itself into simple and mildly complex forms, as well as to move independently and separate into individual pieces, so long as the pieces remain in contact. The downside is that it has a range of about 75 meters, outside of which the nanobots die and collapse into a puddle.

5000 creds - Nanobot Infuser

This is a soft-launcher that fires nanobot shells of varying types. Shells are formed within the ammo cartridges from specialized nanobatteries, and released via directed acceleration fields. Upon hitting a target, they cling to it and coat it as uniformly as possible. Sounds lame, right? The interesting part is that depending on the ammo type, these nanobots can do some awesome things like generating electrical currents or superheating the surface with chemical reactions. Even better, Specialized "orders" can be given to the shells pre-launch via PSI Unit to tweak their capabilities, desired area, power and duration. Great for parties and your legendary +1 swords. Generally not a good idea to fire at a human.

6000 creds - OMEGA Nest

The OMEGA nest is a little hive of artificially-grown organo-mechanical creatures about the of a large grapefruit. It attaches to one of your ship's auxiliary mounts, with the hive entrance facing forwards. The nest is kept in an agitated state via your PSI unit, and when the hive door is opened, a swarm of the creatures will launch themselves from the nest, attacking whatever they can find. They're capable of cracking through steel plate, hunting for liquids, heat sources, and of course, humans to kill. May attack your allies if you're not careful.

6000 creds - FROG

Typical of Tartarus's acronyms, the FROG doesn't look at all like a frog. Rather, it's a self-replicating nanobiotic organism. We know that's too much for you to handle, so you can just call it a frog anyway. Or a thing, if that's too hard for you to remember. This "thing" responds to your commands and can leap from your CASKET to ships, structures, and even people if you command it. It will then consume a large portion of whatever metal it encounters and build a new copy of itself over the course of several minutes. This new copy will not be under your control, but will continue to leap among ships - allied and enemy alike. The original thing will consider your ship its home, so there's no need to worry about it eating you, but be wary of the replicas. Fortunately, they're easily destroyed, and if they miss a jump, well. They're not coming back.

7000 creds - Electrowire Gun

A cannon that launches retractable/detachable electric cables shotgun-style, potentially immobilizing targets if you're kinky like that. You can also do electrical lasso tricks on stationary targets if you feel the need to impress that hot girl in Squad 4. If used in fleshy targets, you could actively manipulate them with precise electrical shocks. Takes a lot of skill to use properly, but it's really impressive when it works, and fun to brag about later.

7000 creds - Mass Manipulation Psyamp

A hybrid of vector and gravity field manipulators, lets the user manipulate solid matter. Useful for tearing the engines off alien jerks or playing chess from 12 meters away with your eyes closed. The heavier or faster something is, the more effort it will take to control it. Precise control also takes more effort.

7000 creds - Nanomorph Gun

This gun fires soft bricks of nanobots at targets. Upon impact, the nanobots disperse and can be mentally controlled at a distance. With this mental control you can command the nanobots to utilize pre-existing material to form whatever your heart desires - assuming you have the appropriate materials at hand. Can also be used to repair allied ships, if you're skilled enough. Ammo does not recharge, but manual insertion of more material into the barrel can permit your nanobots to craft more of themselves - provided you still have some left.

8000 creds - Hypnosis Coil

A special coil that allows the wielder to project images of themselves into the mind of particular targets. Their actual form will remain the same, but the user can allow themselves to "appear" different in structure or size. Does not work on mechanical enemies. Warning: Usually not a good idea to try to disguise yourself as a Twinkie.

8000 creds - Symbiotic Hive

A biological device of dubious origin. The hive is a literal living hive of insect-like creatures, implanted along the underside of your ship in place of your life support and wired directly into your PSI unit. These creatures obey the commands of their host in exchange for sustenance and protection, and don't require an atmosphere to survive. If you've ever wanted to drop a beehive on your annoying neighbor, now is the time. Be aware that emptying the hive completely will essentially disable your life support, as you need the

8000 creds - Warp Field Psyamp

Unlike the furry blue creature from ancient arcade games, when you gotta go fast with this psyamp, you gotta go fast like the motherfucking Flash. With this, you're able to create invisible speed lanes of indefinite size that will quickly encase all vehicles moving within an angle of 45 degrees of the field's line of force in warp fields to jump them to superluminal velocities. In inmate speak, that means you make speed boost arrows like in Maria Cart, but invisible. Good for turning inert objects into weapons of mass destruction or simply making someone disappear - although we know you're likely good at that anyway. You got shipped to Tartarus, after all.

10000 creds - Neural Connector Psyamp

This is basically a Field Manipulator tuned specifically to interact with neural tissue. This lets the user manipulate the neurochemistry of enemies, implanting suggestions, memories, emotions, and so on. You can also tap into and experience the target's memories. Useful for subtly convincing enemies to shoot each other or for convincing that hot girl in Squad 4 to go out with you. Something to keep in mind: In order for this amp to read, rather than write, it temporarily overwrites the user's own mind. The process is generally safe, but someone with a poor PSI Unit might not be able to change that back.

12000 creds - Gravitational Psyamp

Be Superman. Be a Jedi. Be a living god. Electricity too mundane for you? Throw things around from a distance with this psy amp. You can even set it on yourself and propel your entire CASKET on a whim, to rapidly dodge incoming missiles or pretend you're on an amusement park ride. If you want to have fun and maybe accomplish something on occasion, this is the way to do it. Will create fields strong enough to lift objects up to several times as heavy as your ship at best.

15000 creds - Neurochemical Psyamp

A truly amazing prototypical machine, the Neurochemical psyamp is capable of literally changing the abilities of your allies or enemies. You can make them forget how to pilot a ship, make them less intuitive, or even make your allies more intelligent. God knows they need it. Remember that it's prototypical, though, and can backfire to some degree of extremes if used improperly. Best when used on weak-minded individuals.

15000 creds - Biocellular Psyamp

While large and unwieldy for what it does, the biocellular psyamp is a uniquely powerful weapon capable of manipulating the cellular structure of living tissue. Want to give your enemy an embolism? Grow fingers in their brains? Maybe just make your girlfriend more attractive, like that hot chick in squad 4? Well, now you can. Comes with a decent recharge time and backfires easily, but lets you be the medic (or mad doctor) you always wanted to be.