Name: Hiltorel
Type: Species
Key people Queen Edibetso Malor
Based in Unknown
Largest population largest population
Ethnic groups ethnic groups
Official languages Galactic Standard
Hiltorian Standard
Hiltorian Eastern
Official religions Anshoael
"As one, we move" —Hiltorel
KXmxnB2.png "I am the greatest medic. I can amputate any bodypart in under three seconds with both bullet and fire!"
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The Hiltorel were the first species that humanity encountered, in the year 2135. Initially far more advanced than humanity, they tried to act as their guides to the universe, as well as their protectors. When humans began to push their boundaries, they attempted to contain them until humanity was mature enough to properly handle themselves diplomatically as a species, but humanity rebelled and overtook them, nearly wiping the Hiltorel out completely. Only a few small populations remain, scattered throughout the galaxy.


"Hiltorel" is technically a human invention, as the Hiltorel lack the ability to easily create the "t" sound with their mouths. Instead, they have a special sound that humans cannot make, which sounds roughly like a "d" and "kh" together. Humans are completely incapable of making this sound, and so use the "t" sound as a replacement. Moreover, a hiltorel's natural "h" sound only sounds vaguely like that of a human's, being akin to a cross between an "h", "th", and "s". In fact, the Hiltorel do not call themselves "Hiltorel" at all, and refer to themselves instead as Hsilkhroael (english approximation).

Writing in any Hiltorel language is generally considered impossible with most traditional typesets. Unlike human languages, which are written with arrays of characters, Hiltorel communication is written as lines, which differ by curves, bends, darkness, and thickness, not too dissimilar from the lost art of English Shorthand. Using this they are able to write out approximations of most of the sounds in their language. Alien sounds are generally added as extra crosses, dots, or dashes over the primary lines when necessary. For a time in the early to late 2100s, it was popular to put Hiltorel writing on products as it was considered trendy and attractive; this was later seen as outdated and has only come back on a few occasions since. The last time it was popular was in the late 2470s, but as only a shadow of its former popularity.


The layout of the Hiltorel homeworld - a great ocean with a single large, low continent, without natural barriers such as mountains, helped to create a singular, well-developed culture. Much of the land area was too swampy to be inhabitable, however, and so the population remained relatively small compared to Earth. Their low gene pool necessitated much closer bonds and higher social tolerance in order to survive the chaotic Hiltorellian climate. As a result, they are natural peacemakers.

The Hiltorel homeworld lacked traditional fossil fuels. Due to this, they essentially skipped the age of coal and gasoline, utilizing energy from the waves and the frequent lightning strikes from storms to run generators. They did not first discover spaceflight themselves, either, but were "uplifted" by another species, the Qyrax, which later perished due to excessive inbreeding, genetic defects, cultural self-sacrifice and a plague for which they had no natural immunities. The Hiltorel welcomed the Qyrax with open arms, accepting them immediately into their society and helping them integrate. The Qyrax were interested in the wealth of Veloxium on the shallow Hiltorellian seabed, and in exchange they granted the Hiltorel people a space elevator and the knowledge to begin building their first space station. The Hiltorel would have been unlikely to become a spacefaring species without the help of that first space elevator, and the subsequent help that the Qyrax provided them with.

As the hiltorellians slowly expanded throughout the galaxy, they became fast friends with everyone they met. Anyone that attempted to assault their colonies typically met with a rapid demise and subsequent integration to the galactic society, thanks to the many allies the hiltorellians came to possess. This remained the case until the hiltorellians encountered humanity.


The Hiltorel homeworld was relatively small, with a relatively thick atmosphere. This low gravity (about 0.48 Gs) was pivotal in their development; in fact, they are crippled under Earth gravity without some form of gravity alteration. In addition, they are quite used to higher oxygen content in their air than humans. Some Hiltorel exposed to a humanized oxygen concentration for the first time may experience symptoms such as lightheadedness, fatigue, shortness of breath, and rapid pulse. Fortunately, the majority of the species has undergone gene therapy in their distant past to help create a species more at home in a thinner atmosphere.

Hiltorel prefer warm, moist areas, as their skin dries quite easily. When a Hiltorel begins to dry out, they experience symptoms such as cramps, stiffness, itching skin, and in worse cases, cracked skin. As a result, most modern Hiltorel colonies focus on the creation of greenhouse-like areas to protect them from the outside weather, assuming the planet they choose does not possess a Hiltorel-friendly environment. It is not uncommon to see very stylized greenhouses in their colonies, with waterfalls, streams flowing over pathways, and steamy ponds. Hiltorel have a particular fondness for Earth plants as well, as they appreciate Earth's flowering plants.


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The number of remaining Hiltorel is relatively low compared to what it once was.


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The Hiltorel have always been (at least, as long as humanity has known them) polytheistic, and religion runs very deeply in their society. Despite this, they are quite open to alternative religions, so long as the religions are peaceful. They see spirituality and worship as cleansing, meditative activities that promote the wholeness of body and mind. The former religions of Christianity and Islam, along with their monotheistic counterparts, initially horrified the Hiltorel. Later, while keeping an authoritative rule over humanity, they worked to carefully eradicate these religions. This did not go as well as they had initially planned. While they were successful, they also started a world war and turned humanity almost entirely against them.


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Most surviving Hiltorel populations exist as small monasteries in remote alien colonies. They survive off of donations or fees in exchange for teaching, healing, and other services.


In previous centuries, the Hiltorel had a strong military force. Unfortunately, it was mostly for show, being led by one of their highest priests. Hiltorel culture is naturally peaceful, and military dominance was not something they ever truly needed, as they had more advanced technology than all of the nearby alien civilizations. Instead, they strove to merely coexist, which proved to be their downfall.

In the present day, there is nothing resembling a military of any kind.

Science and Technology

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