Mimir Corporation
Name: Mimir Corporation
Type: Prison Company
Discovered/Founded 3021
Discoverers/Founders Jamil Nadonis
Pauva Borran
Chan Quilan
Key people Perry Allens
Batye Borran
Based in Valhalla, an inner world
Largest population Valhalla
Ethnic groups Mercenaries
Official languages Human Standard
Official religions Norse Pantheon
"The strong stand upon the corpses of the weak." —Mimir Corporation

Mimir Corporation (commonly referred to as Mimir) is a Human multiplanetary prison company headquartered on the planet of Valhalla that offers prison services, research, mercenary employment, cutting edge weaponry and synthetic anomalous materials. Mimir has also been known to offer temporary mercenary protection for a price. Its best known product is Thoric Armor, the secret of which is kept closely guarded. Other well-known products include Valkyrie Missiles and their rotary 031N Machine Guns. It is the galaxy's largest prison company by revenue, and frequently noted as one of the galaxy's most valuable companies.

Mimir was founded by Jamil Nadonis and Pauva Borran on March 19th, 3021, to develop and sell synthetic anomalous materials - primarily those included in Blink Teleporters. It quickly rose to dominate the market of anomalous synthetics, and continued to expand in other directions, rapidly gaining ground in other fields. Its initial public offering in 3044 made trillionaires out of Jamil and Pauva, and billionaires out of their 162,000 employees. They put the money to good use, following in the footsteps of Tartarus Inc. by offering prison services to planets in need. Mimir quickly surpassed Tartarus in prisoner revenue due to their differences in ethics involving prisoner treatment.


Due to being founded on an inner world, Valhalla, it was decided that Mimir would serve as an appropriate name for the company. Mimir is the name of an old Norse god - a deity of wisdom, that guarded a well of knowledge known as Mimir's Well. While Mimir was later beheaded, Odin brought the head back to Valhalla, the capital of the gods, and preserved it with magic so it could continue to serve as his personal advisor.

This seemed to suit the founders of Mimir well, as they were founding their headquarters in Valhalla.


3009—3021 Company beginnings and founding

Jamil Nadonis and Pauva Borran, childhood friends with a passion for chemistry, physics and anomalous materials, sought to make a successful business utilizing their shared skills. Their first attempt at a company in 3009, Borranis Corp, aimed to market blueprints and data on manufacturing synthetic anomalous materials, or SAMs. While it had a small market at the time, it gradually grew in size until this knowledge became publicly available in 3012 following the infamous Broadwell Hack. Nadonis and Borran then pocketed their earnings and went separate ways. Nadonis went to Atlas University, and Borran went to Alamira University, two of the top schools on New Earth at the time. They subsequently lost contact for nearly a decade.

In 3020, Nadonis and Borran got back in touch. Having both completed their degrees, they were looking for a decent way to earn money, and decided to found their own company again. Unfortunately, this was somewhat easier said than done - SynthAM Ltd. and other SAM manufacturing companies dominated the market at the time. During a late-night conversation, Nadonis noted that SynthAM enforced strict regulations on how their products could be used; Borran suggested that perhaps they could found a company without these restrictions, taking advantage of loopholes in galactic law. Nadonis agreed that this made sense, and the two of them founded Atmira Corp. Unfortunately, after a year of trying to market SAMs, it became quite clear that they lacked the visibility necessary to compete with SynthAM and the others. With their funds running low, Borran began looking for other jobs on the side, and Nadonis took on a quieter life after a conversion to the Nordic faith.

In 3021, Borran was interviewed for a position as an instructor at Alamira University. After the interview, one of the university's board members, Chan Quilan, pulled Borran aside and asked if Borran was serious about his claims to be able to produce a new type of SAM. Borran lied and said yes. The board member agreed to invest in Borran if he could prove it was true, and Borran agreed. The two scheduled a meeting in a month's time. Rushing back home to Valhalla, Borran and Nadonis worked furiously, with little sleep, to try to properly synthetically manufacture AM0004, commonly known for its cooling properties and used in heat sinks. While they made groundbreaking leaps unsurpassed by any other companies, the process eventually proved slightly too difficult for the pair, as they lacked some of the equipment necessary - equipment they did not have the funds for. They were, however, able to create a near-stable imitation that they called SAM0004b. SAM0004b unfortunately had a half-life of 15 hours. While somewhat less potent than true AM0004, they decided it was satisfactory to prove their claims. Borran and Nadonis manufactured a bar of the product shortly before Borran's meeting with Quilan, and when Quilan was presented with the goods, he believed it to be legitimate and agreed to funding the creation of a company - provided he had equal shares of the profit. Borran quickly called Nadonis for a suggestion on the name for the company, and Nadonis suggested Mimir. Mimir Corporation was officially established on March 19th, 3021.


Unlike some other prison organizations, the ethics of Mimir's operations are constantly under heavy fire from protest groups. Contrary to popular belief, Mimir takes excellent care of their staff and mercenaries. The most ethically questionable aspect comes, rather, from how Mimir executes their prisoners.

Prisoners are treated very poorly on Valhalla.

Gladiator Combat

Unlike the the other prison companies, Mimir executes its prisoners in "fair combat" against trained mercenaries. Prisoners are given weapons and equipment and pitted against mercenaries of equal or greater skill. If the prisoner dies, the mercenary is rewarded. If the mercenary comes close to death, however, the prisoner "levels" and is allowed to carry more expensive gear during their next fight. If they manage to complete twenty tiers of fights, they are supposedly free to go - but this has never happened in Mimir's history. It is strongly suspected, but not proven, that the final fights in the twenty are rigged to prevent combat-skilled criminals from being put back into the cities of the galaxy.


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Mimir Corporation primarily uses Human Standard as their language of choice, though some speakers (particularly those who grew up at the headquarters) fall into a Valhallan dialect from time to time, or use it exclusively.


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The only religion Mimir openly endorses is the Norse Pantheon. Employees are free to worship whomever they would like to, as are mercenaries. Both are encouraged not to publicize their beliefs or try to spread their religion. Prisoners are allowed to worship their own gods, provided they can do so from their cells.


Due to their tendency to ravage Edge Worlds looking for technology, their reputation in the outer rim has fallen quite low as compared to that of Tartarus Inc. Denizens of the outer rim will often attack Mimir Corporation on sight.


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Mimir does not have a standardized military. Instead, they have a collective of highly trained, dedicated mercenary personnel that carry out missions to retrieve artifacts from across the galaxy. While Tartarus has one large ship, Mimir has many smaller ships that they use to get around quickly from place to place. When necessary, they can also carry out standard military operations like attacking, defending, and patrolling. They also go on missions to collect loads of criminals to sell for credit back on Valhalla.

Mercenaries pay Mimir for their equipment, food, and board. In return, they are paid extra for bringing back prisoners, technology, and anomalous materials. Mimir does not overmuch care about how these are obtained - the mercenaries have complete freedom about how they go about their missions. In fact, if the mercenaries stop somewhere else along the way and bring back more than they were initially requested to, Mimir is even more grateful.

Science and Technology

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