Name: Quantum
Type: Species
Discovered/Founded 3152 AD
Discoverers/Founders Tartarus Inc.
Platoon 56
Key people Unknown
Based in Multiple universes
Largest population Unknown
Ethnic groups Quantum
Official languages Quantum
Official religions Unknown
"motto or quote here" —Quantum
KXmxnB2.png "I am the greatest medic. I can amputate any bodypart in under three seconds with both bullet and fire!"
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The Quantums are, or were, a race of beings (may comprise multiple species; this is as yet unknown) that exist(ed) in multiple universes simultaneously. Little is known about them except that the seem to be in hiding from the Dark Space - strange "void" areas of space that seems to absorb all light except when in motion, at which point they are visible in the infrared. The only known Quantum bases are in ruins; this suggests they either attempted to colonize our galaxy, but failed, or they once had a large empire that was wiped out so cleanly that there is almost no trace of their existence remaining in the cosmos. As noted in a multiverse-vision from Squidhead, it is possible they are still alive in other galaxies, and have only perished in our own. However, this is unconfirmed.


The name was given to them, mostly as a nickname, by Tartarus scientists and researchers following their discovery. The reason for the nickname was how the quantums seemed to both exist, and not, at the same time, due to their existence being spread across multiple universes.


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The Quantums seem, at the very least, to be scattered and potentially in hiding in our universe. There may not be many specimens left, given that we're only just now discovering them, or they may reside primarily in alternate universes.


We have yet to learn anything about their language(s).




We have yet to learn anything about their religion(s), if applicable.


We have yet to learn anything about their governmental politics.


We have yet to learn anything about their economy, if applicable.


We have yet to learn anything about their military and large-scale warfare, if applicable.

Science and Technology

The Quantums seem to possess technology well beyond anything Tartarus, Mimir, or any other human/alien group has currently attained. Their scale is far more massive, and their feats of engineering far more advanced. It has been shown that they make very heavy use of Anomalous Materials, and are capable of creating machines that operate in multiple universes at once. This is in addition to their apparently advanced weaponry, stasis technology, and metallurgy, as shown in the Base at Chilendorn. All of this raises the question of why there are so few, and why they seemed to be hiding from the Dark Space.