KXmxnB2.png "I am the greatest medic. I can amputate any bodypart in under three seconds with both bullet and fire!"
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The first alien species that humanity encountered. Originally, they were humanity's closest friends and allies, but when humanity began starting wars, they took control. Humanity later rebelled and nearly wiped them from existence. The Hiltorel still linger on, but as merely a shadow of what they once were. Scattered and hidden, they dream of reuniting themselves one day, but it is more likely they will simply fade away into dust and be forgotten.

Mimir Corporation

A prison corporation like Tartarus, Mimir operates in a more illegal way than Tartarus, using guerrilla tactics and skulduggery to achieve their goals. Instead of using inmates to do missions, they use inmates to train their mercenaries on.

Old Earth

The birthplace of humanity. Once a shining cradle of civilization and ecology, it is now little more than a massive garbage heap of slums and abandoned factories, slowly rotting away. Billions of people scrape out a miserable existence, living only from day to day as they fight each other for food.

Tartarus Incorporated

One of the more well-known interstellar prison corporations. The home base of all REKT members and central hub for the campaign.


A mysterious alien race discovered in 3152 AD by Platoon 56 of Tartarus inc. They seem to exist in multiple universes at once, although how or why is unknown. Very little is known about these beings.