Fuhodo Mercenary Union

The Fuhodo Mercenary Union is a Fuhodo-based splinter group of the Outer Worlds League, and the ruling faction of the station. Coming into power in the chaotic power vacuum left by the collapse of the central government of the asteroid, the FMU rules a Fuhodo long past it's glory days. As it's name indicates, it's primary concern is the regulation of mercenary activities and ensuring that the frequent local gang wars don't get too out of hand. Their rule is not undisputed, however - the antagonistic Hsilkorian Rebirth Movement has significant support on the planet, and the station has been on the brink of a civil war between the two for some time.

Recent Events

Mission 2

SCAMPS informs the platoon that the FMU is the ruling faction of the station, also mentioning their rivalry with the local branch of the HRM. Buck notes that FMU attire dons a similar shade of orange as Tartarus outfits.

Squad Beta's cover is blown in a plodii communications shop, where they are violently confronted by a FMU peacekeeper squad. Bob gets separated, and is eventually gunned down by them in a street altercation, but not before killing several foes himself. The rest of Beta is told to hide by Almina, who also convinces the pursuing FMU squad to cease their search.

Later on, Big Daneelo elaborates on the political situation of the station to Beta. According to him, the Nemesis' arrival significantly destabilizes the already fragile peace and gives the FMU a way to rally the independents to their cause. If Beta is not successful with the task they were given to by him, it is likely that a heavily lopsided civil war in favor of the FMU might erupt, likely resulting in the massacre of HRM supporters.