This is a work-in-progress glossary. There will always be things missing, so if you think of new things, feel free to add them! The goal is to provide a working (if brief) dictionary that people new to the sci-fi genre might be able to use to quickly get themselves up-to-speed with how everything in REKT works.

Many of these words are in-character for the REKT universe.


A particular variety of shield, the airshield permits solid matter through while keeping gases and small particulates fixed on their own sides. This permits it to be used in areas such as doorways of hangar bays, so that airlocks are no longer necessary. Relatively new technology - only around 150 years old.

Alien Reservation

Any one of hundreds of star clusters near the galaxy's edge where humanity has forced alien species to live after conquering their homeworlds during the Galactic Cleansing. These star clusters are often home to a smattering of species (occasionally also outlawed humans), although some clusters are home to only a few, or even one species. These reservations are permitted to govern themselves with their own laws, provided no one commits any Humanity-recognized crime against an imperial citizen, and the reservations (or those residing within them) do not form their own militaries. Naturally, these laws too are often broken or ignored. Reservations are dangerous places - especially for an outsider - and while usually terribly behind the times in terms of technology, the prospect of easy money smuggling high-tech goods into them is often too tempting to resist. As reservations are supposed to be self-sufficient, this is also highly illegal.

Anomalous materials

Main article: Anomalous Materials
Anomalous materials are elements, alloys, metals, rocks, and other materials that originated in another universe, brought here by the Quantums. Most of them do not follow the laws of our universe, instead following the laws of their own universe, owing to the fact that they are still at least partly contained in their original universe. They were only discovered in the past 200 years (exact year: 2943) and are still considered cutting-edge technology. Many places don't even know of their existence, beyond Veloxium and Stellaplex.


Artigrav is a portmanteau of "artificial" and "gravity". It means a gravitational field created by unnatural means, usually by using Stellaplex.

Aux slots

Two slots on the back of a CASKET - one on the left, one on the right. Their contents are typically detachable from the rest of the ship and may be moved elsewhere. Good examples of aux items are the Repair-kit and Scout-Drones.


Also known as "physics bubble" or "physics envelope"
A projected universe "envelope" inside the envelope of our own universe. A three-dimensional way of thinking about it is thinking of two soap bubble existing next to each other, and one soap bubble pushes a tendril of air inside the other. It's rather like that, except the universes exist in the same "space". Bubbleverses permit things like warp drive, artificial gravity, shields, and more - they are what enable anomalous materials to exist in our universe.


A curved, elongated dome of thin transparent alloy that covers a CASKET's (or other fighter's) cockpit. It can usually "open", permitting passage through it.


The iconic fighter of Tartarus Inc., typically piloted by REKT inmates. It is fast and quite mobile, but also very fragile.

The Center

See "Coreworlds"

The Cleansing

See "Galactic Cleansing"


A type of ship that is used to colonize new planets. Earlier in humanity's history, slower, heavier Worldships were more frequently used to transport large quantities of humans across the stars - especially in the case of planetary evacuations. Today, colony ships exist primarily as cheap ships the size of capital ships. They are not built to last more than a few years at most, usually only possess the most rudimentary shields for chance debris deflection, and are typically built to be disassembled and used as parts once they reach their destination.


Short for "communication systems". Comm chatter is "people talking over the radio", and if you hear someone "on the comms", you hear them over the radio.


Also known as "The Core" or "The Center"
The populated planets that are nearest to the center of the galaxy. This is entirely humanity's territory, although it previously belonged to multiple alien species. New Earth is located in this region, and it serves as the seat of humanity's galaxy-spanning empire.


A currency used by Tartarus Inc., serving as "requisition tokens" for REKT inmates. They are gained by completing missions and can be used to purchase upgrades, weapons, and supplies. They have no value outside of the REKT program, although many older staff members still retain some quantity of them.

"Creds" may also refer to currencies used outside of Tartarus Inc., specifically in the coreworlds.


Slang: Someone who is sorely lacking charisma and typically lowers the mood in a room. "Wow, what a bunch of damps!"


See "PDA"


Flight Tactics Officer. An individual designated to keep watch over a group of fighters in the REKT program and advise them with tactics, as well as keeping them aware of their surroundings. Used primarily on ships that aren't the Tartarus Mothership, where SCAMPS is capable of taking care of it himself.

Field manipulator

A ship-based weapon designed to project different fields containing the effects of a particular type of anomalous material. A decent example is the microwave-field-manipulator.


A small, fast, agile ship piloted by a single pilot, usually with the intent of combat. Good examples are Tartarus Inc.'s CASKET and Mimir Corp.'s HAMMER.


An unofficial subdivision in the REKT military, used to describe a group of 2 or 3 individuals. A fireteam is usually a close-knit group that functions exceptionally well together, and may be intentionally separated from the rest of their squad or platoon for either battle tactics or improved efficiency.

Force fields

Strong fields of energy through which only light (and sometimes not even light) can pass through, created by anomalous materials. Whereas shields can often let certain types of matter through, or let things through from one side to the other, force fields block all passage. This is more efficient, and, as a result, makes them much, much stronger.


Pronounced "Fissim" in speech
The Flying Spaghetti Monster - the chief religion of humanity, accounting for almost 20% of the population's religious beliefs. The origins have long been lost, but it replaced the now-forgotten religions of Christianity and Islam during the Hiltorel Occupation of Old Earth. The Hiltorel despised most monotheistic religions, but found FSM harmless and thus encouraged it, and it spread like wildfire.


Faster-than-light - used in faster-than-light travel. The speed of light is the conventional limit of speed in our universe. It can be circumvented by using materials from universes where the speed of light is not the limit to project a bubbleverse around the ship intended to go to FTL speeds.

Galactic Cleansing

Also known as "The Cleansing"
A period from 2658 to 2997 (339 years) where, following the overthrowing of humanity's Hiltorel overlords, humanity "cleansed" the galaxy of alien species, mass-genociding entire planetary populations at a time. After completely cleaning out the core worlds and many of the midworlds, we forced the surviving aliens into the outskirts of the galaxy, wiping out trillions of them in the process. It was born out of fear of aliens attempting to enslave humanity a second time, but eventually devolved into a lust for power and greed for more territory. As we discovered that no one could stand up to us, we began to exploit it until we had conquered all we could hold. It only ended because of political shifts and a call for peace.

Galactic Standard

Also known as simply "Galactic"
The most common language spoken by humanity. There are many regional dialects, but over time the world's most common languages gradually morphed into one: Galactic Standard. Galactic is an amalgamation of older languages - a majority of English with a great many loanwords mixed into it. The English language spoken in the year 2000 is to Galactic Standard as medieval English was to that spoken in the year 2000: a feeling of antiquity but still rarely spoken, and even then usually for the sake of humor.


A megacorporation. To qualify as a gigacorporation, a megacorporation must:

  • Hold at least near-monopolistic control over select markets that span multiple planets and/or star systems
  • Be powerful enough to claim or cleanse planets as they so choose, even up to the extent of nations
  • Control territory where governments or megacorporations reside, and force them to pay taxes and abide by a set of laws
  • Be too large to immediately handle the enforcing of laws in their own territory, instead delegating some lawmaking to smaller governmental bodies

The only human gigacorporation in 3152 is United Galactic.


A large machine designed to maintain a gravity field over a large area. The larger the area, the larger the machinery needed to maintain it appropriately. The gravplant for a small fighter might be contained within a device the size of a shoebox, and the same meant for an entire city might consist of computers and machinery spread throughout an entire building.


Also known as "Greenies" or "Greenhorns"
Slang: Derogatory. Soldiers that don't know quite what they've gotten themselves into yet, and haven't yet learned the way of things. Often used in militaries and also in REKT, when older inmates speak about those that haven't completed their first missions.


The signature fighter of Mimir Corp. Wide, aerodynamic and quite well armored, they pack a very powerful punch. They are not, however, very fast or agile. Despite this, in a fight with an equal number of Tartarus Inc.'s CASKETs, they will usually emerge the victors.


Also known informally as "hipe" in some areas
A very valuable form of currency, used mainly in the outworlds, but also often in the midworlds as well. Like Plat, it is a platinum-Veloxium alloy, but Hi-Plat has a much higher ratio of Veloxium, and the Veloxium has been refined to a much, much purer state. While Plat is useful only in small ships with low maximum warp, Hi-Plat is useful even in ships approaching dreadnought size. Hi-Plat most often sees use when purchasing items worth as much as a small ship, or larger, and is often not exchangeable for smaller items such as food, drink, and paying the rent on your apartment.


In Tartarus Inc., inmates are any criminals that have been sold to Tartarus. Some of them may choose to join the REKT program, and if they do so, they are still considered inmates. Tartarus Inc. staff are not considered inmates.


Interstellar Prison Corporation. A business that makes its money by acquiring dangerous criminals from across the galaxy - either a small portion or the full width - and executing them. Execution is forbidden by galactic law, but this can be legally sidestepped by killing the person in deep space, at least one light year from the nearest star. The largest of these companies also research and manufacture advanced technology.


The name is a portmanteau of "laser" and "gun". It's a gun that shoots a solid beam of light to melt through things and kill people. It's somewhat weak compared to other types of weapons, but has the advantage of no travel time, and is highly likely to hit because you can simply sweep the beam across the target.

Light year

The distance light travels over the course of one year. By comparison, the distance between the Sun and Earth is only 8.5 light minutes.

Maximum Warp

The maximum speed that a warp-capable vessel is able to travel. The current maximum warp in the year 3152 is Warp 15, although this technology is new enough that few ships are capable of utilizing it, and even those must be the largest and most powerful warships or worldships. More often, warp 14 is the maximum, or even warp 13. As larger maximum warp abilities require much more powerful and larger warp cores, size also comes into play with maximum warp: ships of corvette size can only reach warp 5 at best, and smaller ships (fighters and bombers, or even three-man craft) cannot utilize warp travel at all.


Full article: Mech Systems
Shortened from "Mechanized Infantry" - a 2.5-meter-tall human-like machine integrated with the living head of a human. The process of converting a human to a mech is non-reversible. Mechs were first invented and introduced during the Galactic Cleansing, where they helped humanity achieve a significant advantage over aliens in close-quarters combat. These days they are still often used, especially in the core worlds. Their jobs these days are typically construction and defense, although Tartarus Inc. still employs them as offensive units.


A corporation. To qualify as a megacorporation, a corporation must:

  • hold at least near-monopolistic control over multiple markets
  • be powerful enough to ignore established governmental laws
  • possess its own private army
  • be powerful enough to own territory where it can act as a government (often over normal corporations)

Some extant human megacorporations are Tartarus Inc, Mimir Corp, Wodenmir Corp., M-Agna Qu-Alitas, Auraxicorp, and Opitek.


A massive turret over a hundred meters wide. A staple feature of Quantum architecture, as they seem to have had quite a fondness for them - or they were fending off something much larger than ourselves.


Also known as "The Mids" or "The Frontier"
A ring of populated planets that are outside the Core, but closer to the center than the Outworlds.

Mimir Corp.

An Interstellar Prison Company based on the coreworld of Valhalla. They offer their services to the coreworlds, some mids, and fewer outworlds. Prisoners taken aboard are given weapons and utilized as live targets to further train their contracted mercenaries, which typically serve a fixed contract of ten years. Their primary source of income is the research, development, and manufacturing of high-grade anomalous materials weaponry, which they obtain through their Carrier Corps: a vast fleet of merc-piloted carriers that make expeditions to procure new technology, criminals, and resources. Mimir Corp. was founded in 3021.


A portmanteau of "nanomachines" and "antibiotics" - nanobots specifically designed to enter a human's bloodstream and fix problems in the body. Not a new field, but one with limited applications. Advanced nanobiotics exist primarily in the coreworlds for things such as the treatment and curing of cancer, and they are very expensive - enough so that it would take upper-middle class or better in order to purchase it.


Nanobots are robots smaller than you can actually see. In large numbers, some are capable of eating away at surfaces as though they're collectively a corrosive substance. Others are capable of putting things together, or forming solid surfaces. It all depends on the type and how they're programmed. In large groups, they look like a shimmering liquid metal - like a swarm of locusts seen from a very great distance. An important thing to note is that they are highly prone to EMP blasts, which will kill them instantly, causing the mass to dissolve into a fine powder.

New Earth

A Coreworld planet that was christened such, so as to become the new home of humanity. Originally a Bhezian world, humanity made a wild charge for the galactic center during the Galactic Cleansing and wiped out the surrounding area. By the year 2690, roughly thirty years after the beginning of the Cleansing, the area was free of Bhezians and New Earth was founded.

Today, New Earth is a bustling metropolitan utopia that relies on nearby farmworlds to sustain its large human-only population. Xenophobia is particularly intense on New Earth, and people that live there are by and large considered wealthier than those who do not. Even a New Earth janitor earns more than a Midworld doctor. Such a paradise hides a dark underbelly of crime and corruption, unfortunately, and thanks to the Imperial Guard, the planet is almost a police state - although the inhabitants don't realize it.

Northern Exclusion Zone

Main article: Northern Exclusion Zone
A wide area directly across the galaxy from Old Earth, containing approximately 42 billion stars. It is astronomically insignificant and mostly known for its behavior. Over the past dozen millennia it has been known for consuming ships - sometimes single ships, and sometimes entire fleets at a time. Sometimes the wreckage of the ships appear, and sometimes it doesn't. It is a modern-day Bermuda Triangle of sorts, except it has an actual explanation (even though no one in-universe knows it). It is the site of the former Quantum Empire, and much of their universe-hopping took place there, leaving that portion of the galaxy in a fluctuating, semi-broken state. Most of it has yet to be explored.

Old Earth

The birthplace of humanity. Captured in 2439 by the hiltorel, humanity remained under their strict rule for 152 years. During this time it underwent World War III, a massive war that destroyed both the United States and Russia. In 2814 its resources were declared officially exhausted, and within the next few decades everyone that was capable of leaving the planet did so. Today it is only a hollow shell of its former glory - barely habitable, pollution-ridden, and covered with gang-controlled slums and a population far too high to ever hope to feed.

Old Earth is considered to be on the dividing line between the Midworlds and the Outworlds.


Also known as Rimworlds
A planet in the outer rim of the galaxy. The border between the Midworlds and Outworlds is considered to dip inwards near Old Earth, passing through it. Many of the planets within a few thousand light years of Old Earth are unofficially human-owned, but further away humanity has set up "Alien Reservations" where aliens are permitted to keep their own laws, as long as they do not break any of the treaties that humanity set forth following the Cleansing.

The outworlds are generally quite poor compared to Midworlds, and especially Coreworlds. Their technology level is considerably lower, and crime is considerably higher. Illegal activities are frequent and ubiquitous.


Main article: PDA
Also known as: Data Pad
A digital tablet. They've been around for a millennia or more at this point, but a REKT PDA is top-of-the-line. It interfaces with your ship for hacking capabilities and has some slight ability to determine the substance of various materials. It has multiple types of scanners built into it as well, including an infrared scanner, electrical scanner, and radiation scanner. It also has a short-range holographic display for displaying three-dimensional objects (and can also be used as a holo-keyboard). It is good for saving notes, taking pictures, and reading books. An inmate that loses their PDA is better off not coming home.

PSI Port

Small digital ports installed at the base of the skull and sometimes on the back of the neck. The point of the PSI Port is to let the human brain interface directly with a computer system, without having to remove the brain first. Plugging cables into these ports permit you to use PSI gear. It is also frequently used in VR Systems.

PSI Port are installed as standard on all inmates that choose to enter the REKT program.

PSI Unit

A PSyche Integrator Unit, or PSI Unit, is a device that hooks into a user's brain through their PSI Ports. It processes input from both the users brain and the attached computer systems and functions as a bridge, or mediator, or translator, between the two. More powerful PSI Units are capable of deciphering incoming data much more quickly, and the most powerful PSI units are capable of filling in gaps in their user's intuition.

CASKET PSI Units of Tartarus Inc. are also outfitted with some basic mass manipulation technology, allowing their users to maneuver their vessel in zero-G if their RCS thrusters happen to fail.


A common currency. Short for "Platinum". Plat is not actually pure platinum, but is actually a platinum-Veloxium alloy with a number of other elements mixed in, in careful quantities. If desired, platinum is actually quite easy to separate from Veloxium, which can be useful when creating warp drives; this is part of what makes it valuable. Most often checked with Plat Scales to make sure the material is legit, and usually takes the form of chips, bars, or coins.

Hi-Plat is another form of currency with a much higher Veloxium-to-platinum ratio.


A division of 30 REKT inmates (6 squads, generally, or 3 sections). May be more or less if not stationed on the ship, the Tartarus.


Psionics is the ability to alter and influence parts of the world outside oneself only using your mind. Notable examples include telekinesis (moving objects with your mind) and telepathy (reading and sending other people's thoughts). In the REKT universe, for humans this is only possibly by feeding input from the brain into advanced electronics.
The term is also used to denote people who are able to utilise psionics.


This is "forbidden knowledge" and is not widely known within the REKT universe.
A race of beings that cannot exist physically outside of their home universe, and thus project their minds into others using technology far past what humanity is currently capable of; they take on multiversal "hosts" in order to interact with our universe and others. More than 10,000 years ago, they had an empire in the Northern Exclusion Zone and conducted dangerous multiversal experiments there, leading both to the instability it experiences today and the distribution of anomalous materials. Part of their experimentation was to plant veloxium deposits on worlds near species they saw as potential hosts. They were eventually wiped out by the Alts during the Alt Wars, a small faction of their own population that found a way to take permanent forms in our universe and others, leaving their original universe altogether. Only a scattered handful of Quantums survive today, and those in hiding. Most have returned to their original universe to wait out the Alts.


Short for reaction control system, this is a set of small thrusters placed in different spots on a spacecraft. It is able to provide small amounts of thrust in any direction, as well as rotation. It is therefore used for turning and strafing a spaceship, but not as main acceleration. Generally has a separate fuel source than the main engines.


A device that uses a certain reaction to produce energy (generally electricity). Can vary in size and method of making power. (For example, a nuclear reactor) Most large reactors these days utilize fusion power.


REquisitional Knowledge Troops - a handpicked selection of criminals (roughly 1% of those Tartarus Inc. receives) that are believed to stand a chance at being useful. Their official task is to acquire requisite knowledge or artifacts from non-allied laboratories, ancient ruins, research colonies and science vessels - a task that quite often proves highly dangerous and sometimes lethal. Although the inmates themselves are not explicitly told this, they are also expected to serve as a flash militia force for Tartarus Inc. in time of need.


Portmanteau of "Revitalization Technology". Technology used to "revitalize" or "resurrect" people that have recently died - typically within the past hour. While not cutting-edge anymore (by a few hundred years), the technology is still advanced enough that it is not common - it is especially uncommon in the midworlds and extremely scarce in the rimworlds. While anomalous materials are not necessary (and indeed, are not used at all) in the resurrection process, manufacturing the equipment is nevertheless expensive and needs to be operated by a group of trained specialists.

If the person in question has damaged their brain (bullets or other physical trauma) they cannot be revitalized.


The politically-defined outer border of the galaxy. Reaches up towards Old Earth in the center of one one side of the galaxy, and is eclipsed on the opposite side of the galaxy by the Northern Exclusion Zone.


See Outworld


Main article: character:SCAMPS
Any one of Tartarus Inc's main line of biomechanical computer systems. "SCAMPS" stands for "Shipboard Computer Assigned to Monitoring Prisoner Services". On the Tartarus, he consists of a long chain of "brain banks" that spans the length of the ship, giving him the equivalent multitasking power of a massively multi-cored computer. On the Tartarus, his job is to monitor the prisoners, especially while on-mission. On Tartarus Inc.'s other serving ships, the resident SCAMPS cores are responsible more often for the upkeep and management of that particular vessel, while command and management of REKT squads is often delegated to FTOs. When a serving ship docks with the Tartarus, their personality and knowledge is updated and maintained. The primary SCAMPS core chain has an encyclopedic knowledge, while those on serving ships are vaguely more human.

Also, he's a dick, regardless of where you find him. That's probably worth noting.


A corvette-sized utility vessel a bit larger than a fighter or bomber, specifically designed to project and maintain shields around larger supporting ships that can't generate shields of their own.


A shield is a term for a forcefield produced by electronics that prohibits certain things from passing through a plane. There are different types- some block only air, others block in one direction, others block anything but light, or just everything.


Outer mid and Rimworld slang. A tag question that essentially means, "do you understand?" or "if you know what I mean", with the addition of "But don't ask me any more about it because I either don't know, or am not willing to elaborate - either because I don't find it worth the effort to try, I'd get in trouble, or it's something I don't like discussing in-depth to begin with. Let's move on to something else." Used most frequently in the outer midworlds and the rimworlds. Comes, actually, from the Fysar word shyfi, which means close to the same.

  • If he says jump, I say how high, shy?
  • They don't take kindly to people poking around, shy?
  • I don't trust you, shy?


A space-locked ship is one that was never intended to land on a planet's surface because it lacks the ability to perform landings and take-offs under gravity. These ships are built in space and spend their entire working lives there.


A small group of soldiers or REKT inmates - specifically, the smallest subdivision. Generally contains 5 people, but may also consist of 4, 6, or rarely 3.


Another name for Hiltorel.


An anomalous material that can be used to influence gravity in a location. Used often for artificial gravity fields, or making planets more habitable. Occasionally used in prototypical weaponry.


Faster than the speed of light.


The ship that Tartarus Inc. is based off of. A former Worldhip, it is 13 kilometers long and capable of housing

Tartarus Inc.

An Interstellar Prison Company (IPC) based aboard the Tartarus. They offer their services to most out- and mid-world planets, taking criminals in for a fee, which can then be ransomed off for money. Their primary source of income is the research, development, and manufacturing of anomalous materials and anomalous materials weaponry (AMW), which they obtain through their REKT branch: a branch of the ship where the very best criminals they take on board are trained as troops to collect resources. Tartarus Inc. was founded in 3016.


Slang: A message, text, voice, or video-based, sent through an electronic medium. "I'll send him a tell tomorrow."


In the Tartarus Inc. REKT military, a Section (or more commonly, a "Ten") is either a group of ten inmates, or two squads, regardless of the size. A platoon usually consists of three Tens.


A strong cord, used for example to keep someone physically connected to a spaceship so they cannot float away from it. One of these is installed in each Tartarus Inc. CASKET, under the seat.


Veloxium is an anomalous material that enables using warp when electricity is applied to it. It was discovered by humanity on Europa in the year 2027, although a successful spaceship utilizing it as a method of propulsion would not be built until the year 2089.

VR Junkie

Someone addicted to a euphoric high produced artificially within VR program designed to do so. A lot of times this can be harmful to the person's career, relationships, and may even be life-threatening if they refuse to unplug for days at a time - and they may eventually die this way. This is actually an excruciatingly painful way to die because the Psi Ports pull away from the flesh when the individual is sufficiently dehydrated. The person may experience "VR flickers" that eventually pull them out of VR and back into real life - but if the ports pull out of the person's skin, it can inadvertently open an artery and cause the person to bleed to death, especially if they are also malnourished. In other cases (especially with older machines) the VR flickers can shock the user's brain into instantaneous brain death.

VR Systems

A.k.a Virtual Reality system, is a system, plugged into the user's brain, that provides a simulated fictional environment in which the user can do whatever they want. While within the VR environment, the VR may look and feel completely real, depending on the quality of the simulation. Tartarus Inc.'s VR systems are capable of rendering a person's interaction with the environment with perfect fidelity, all the way down to perceived pain, sensations of touch, and ingestion of imaginary food.


A method of travel, wherein instead of accelerating a spaceship, the space itself in a bubble around the ship is accelerated, letting the ship 'surf' on a wave in the space-time continuum. This way, objects can exceed a speed of 1c allowing for interstellar travel in reasonable time frames.

Warp Drive

Main article: Warp Drive
A warp drive is a device used to initiate and control a sustained warp reaction. Warp drives are primarily used in the propulsion of ships. A phased electromagnetic field is applied to a Veloxium core, which then generates a physics bubble capable of producing and maintaining superluminal velocities when coupled with standard ship propulsion. Today the vast majority of starships use some form of warp drive, even for passage within the same system, and mankind continues to develop faster, more efficient methods of interstellar travel.


A long, wide, needle-like spaceship intended to project a warp field outside of itself, so as to pick up non-warp ships and carry them to warp velocity. They usually come as a set of multiple warpships in a symmetrical formation (minimum of 3) and project the field between them. Oftentimes, an artigrav field is also projected between them as well - usually quite strong - to get the target vessels up to speed so that they can enter warp.


An outdated concept. Previously mankind lacked the technology to flit through the stars as quickly as they could today, and thus relied on Worldships. These were gigantic self-sustaining spaceships, fitted to accommodate a decently sized human population (civilian, not just crew). Some worldships are built to deposit their crew on distant planet for colonization (and be disassembled for building materials), and others were built to remain in space for the duration of their working lives.

These days worldships are regarded as relics of a bygone era, much as sailing ships were regarded after the invention of the airplane. Now that humanity has better technology, moving between star systems takes at most a month on a larger ship.