Illegal Augments
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While humanity's Galactic Empire is usually pretty lenient about body modification, there are a number of procedures that are outright illegal - and these procedures typically involve grafting anomalous materials to the flesh. Because of a high range and chance of long-term side effects that occasionally include a shortening of the user's lifespan, most upstanding doctors would never associate themselves with such practices. As with anything, however, if it's theoretically possible, you can always find a doctor somewhere that would attempt it. These illegal augments are no exceptions.

Presently, Illegal Augments that select branches of Tartarus Inc. are willing to install fall into twelve distinct "categories", based primarily on how the different systems and materials interact with each other.

For reference: When bodypart types are listed as "primary" and "secondary", the "secondary" augments are meant to alter the effects of one or more "primary" augments.


  • Cost to unlock: 1500 creds

The EVASION line of augments primarily contains chest and arm augments designed to permit you to become better at… well, evasion. These augments combine both blink tech and phase tech to permit you to avoid threats - and, in a pinch, can often be used to maneuver.

The introductory medical operation involves implanting a biogenerator near the patient's heart. This utilizes excess electrical energy produced by the heart itself and stores it in a small capacitor cell. As a result, it takes longer to recharge when the user is not under duress, e.g. in a combat situation.

Primary abilities for EVASION can only be used once every two turns.


  • Cost to unlock: 1500 creds

The ARMOR line of augments makes heavy use of Tartarus-patented Cyberfiber Armor - a unique blend of pseudo-intelligent carbon fiber technology, pseudo-liquids, and electronics. On sudden impacts, Cyberfiber sends instantaneous electrical impulses through itself, electrifying the fibers and realigning the molecules therein, making them as tough as steel. It requires some electrical energy to do so, and that's why the introductory medical operation installs a bunch of capacitors in a few different locations. Don't worry - you won't even know they're there. It's all part of the Cyberfiber Promise.

There are only three Primary augments for the ARMOR line of augments, and most other upgrades are Secondary, upgrading the first set.

Keep in mind: these upgrades do stack with traditional suit armor.


  • Cost to unlock: 1500 creds

This could be called "LOKI'S AUGMENTS", because so much trickery is involved. A favorite of thieves, bounty hunters, and spies. We're just copying off their expertise.

The introductory operation for the CLOAKING line of augments gives you our trademarked StealthBatteryâ„¢, and somewhat less importantly, a bunch of off-the-shelf parts we've cobbled together to make a rudimentary stealth field projector. It drains power pretty fast, but fortunately we'll be hooking it to your blood supply, and it'll use up blood sugar, utilizing a glucose-sensitive Anomalous Material to keep itself charged. In short: eat more candy.

The Stealth Battery has 12 ticks of charges. Each full TT turn of use costs 1 tick to use. Each turn where it isn't used at all recharges 1 tick of charge.



  • Cost to unlock: 1500 creds

The AGILITY line of augments primarily contains leg and arm augments primarily used for mobility and combat evasion. These augments are rather medically invasive, but can give you superhuman abilities, and are a perfect match for an inmate that wants to focus on stealth and evasion.

The introductory medical operation involves implanting a number of kinetic dynamos near the user's knee and hip. Normal perambulation will become almost imperceptibly more difficult, in exchange for keeping the mechanisms properly charged. As a result, it will stop recharging if the user is sitting completely still or not under duress (such as in a combat situation). The capacitors store enough energy (with the exception of the Tier 3 operations) to keep it going almost passively, however, with little thought necessary.

Unless noted otherwise, AGILITY abilities are passive and have no cooldowns - unless grossly overused, of course.


  • Cost to unlock: 1500 creds

The MENTAL line of augments is a mishmash of vaguely-related upgrades to your brain. Most of them work without you having to really pay much attention to them. The introductory operation is really just us opening up your skull and installing a framework of wires and computer equipment that make it possible to install the rest of the implants. Don't worry, you'll hardly feel a thing!


  • Cost to unlock: 1500 creds

The HEALTH line of augments is, for the most part, chest and full-body augments designed to make you healthier. Toxins can be cleansed, wounds can be mended, and damage can be mitigated.

The introductory medical operation is strenuous to the patient and involves knocking you out and dumping you into a tank of serum so that aggressive nanobots attack and permeate your tissues over the course of three days, while surgeons make careful and timed incisions to direct them. In a rimworld laboratory, there would be a significant chance that you wouldn't come back out of the tank alive. Thankfully, Tartarus Inc. has a little more technical expertise.

The majority of HEALTH line augments are passively active, with the exception of Nanobot Flush.


Cost to unlock: 1500 creds


Cost to unlock: 1500 creds
The OCULAR line of augments is designed to increase how perceptive you are, in one way or another. It is entirely head-based, and all of them are Unique, meaning there are no upgrades to specific augments. This means it's possible to add them to a mech. It is not, however, possible to add them to a cymech or cymek.

The introductory medical operation involves pulling out your eyeballs, separating the optic nerve, running it through an augment with a computer, which turns it first into digital signals and then back into analog (reconnecting to your brain), and then sticking your eyeballs back again. Unlike in the older days before Brownbind (AM-18) was a thing, you don't have to be conscious anymore. In fact, you don't even have to be alive. Some people prefer it that way, and it's hard to blame them.

The majority of the OCULAR line is passive and infinite-use and just requires a little direction from the owner to become active.


  • Cost to unlock: 1500 creds

The PROJECTOR line of augments are sometimes debated as to whether they're even augments. In short, we install a single augment just under your skin around the middle of your waist, just over your hips, removing most of the skin in the process. We link it up to the edges of this "Projector Belt", and install a nice seal that your suit can latch onto, meaning that the belt is always exposed, even when you're in space. Then we just stuff the belt with all sorts of fun and exciting toys.

The initial operation is costly and installed at a financial loss, but Tartarus Inc. expects to make back that money when you buy upgrades to the implant, which are relatively easy to install. A scam? Not at all! After all, printer ink never saved anybody's life, and these upgrades certainly might, with a bit of luck.

Primary abilities for PROJECTOR can be used once every four turns.