Aegagrus The Horned
Name: Aegagrus The Horned
Rank: Cadet (-1)
Class: Combat
Level: 1
Credits 0
Age Old enough
Gender Goat
Energy 1
Durability 0
Maneuverability 1
Hacking -1
Computer -1
PSI Unit 0
Robotics 1
Engine 0
Stat points 0
Charisma -2
Intuition 0
Handiwork 0
Conventional 2
Unconventional 1
Exotic -1
General Knowledge 0
Auxiliary 0
Skill points 0
GK use left
"BRAHAAHAHAAAAAAAA!!!!" —Aegagrus The Horned

Player: Silverware

Personal Information


In an attempt to escape the wrath of a large corporation on the core worlds, Aegagrus went to extremes.
He had a cosmetic surgeon replace his face entirely, however the operation was botched and his brain was extracted and placed inside the body of a Goat.
The operation left his mind a mess, and he lost almost all his memories. However this gave him the clean slate he required, and after brutally murdering the cosmetic surgeon with his bare hooves, he boarded a colony ship headed to the outer rim of civilisation, intent upon starting a new life as a goat.
Unfortunately he had a minor disagreement with the crew of the colony ship, who seemed to think he was some kind of devil creature.
The colony ship was found three years later, crew pulverised to death, and a lone goat grazing in the biodomes.

The crew of the "Aetherium", the science vessel that found the colony ship, adopted the goat as a kind of pet.
Aegagrus traveled with the Aetherium, investigating scientific oddities and anomalies for another two years, as slowly the crew died, one by one, to strange events, unexpected accidents, and occasional explosive decompression.

Years later the Aetherium was found entering Imperial territory, after many attempts by salvagers to "acquire" the Aetherium that were met with grisly deaths, the Aetherium was noted as a Ghost Ship, and left alone while in civilized space, it was this very reputation that drew the attention of REKT. A crew of REKT morons was dispatched to capture the ship.

All they found was death, and a goat with metal arms, and a universal-goat translator strapped around his neck.


A highly unstable "individual" Aegagrus has severe violent tendencies, and typically resorts to violence to solve social issues first and foremost.
The REKT Psych evaluation suggests that if one disagrees with Aegagrus one should keep that fact to themselves. The medical note from that same evaluation mentions stitches required for "self-inflicted" bite marks upon the interrogator's neck.

Reason your character got REKT

Captured as a specimen during a REKT mission to investigate a "haunted" starship.



Bought Ship Equipment

Infantry Gear

Additional Knowledge


Mission History

  • Mission 2 — Squad 2
    • Hit the gunship's turrets with Tesla Arc Projector
    • Assist in taking down shieldmaiden shield
    • Lost entire ship to carrier missiles
    • 2 infantry soldier kills
    • killed Marcson
    • tried to kill Hema and some other people in the lab
    • 1 infantry assist

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