Name: Alephan
Rank: 0
Class: Strategist/Infiltrator
Level: 2
Credits 2500
Age 24
Gender Agender, but masculine
Energy 1
Durability 0
Maneuverability 1
Hacking 0
Computer 1
PSI Unit 1
Robotics -2
Engine -1
Stat points 0
Charisma 1
Intuition 1
Handiwork -2
Conventional 1
Unconventional 0
Exotic -2
General Knowledge 1
Auxiliary -1
Skill points 0
GK use left Yes
"" —Alephan

Player: Tronzoid

Personal Information

Alephan grew up on the rim with his parents, who escaped from slavery after a worker revolution broke out on a slum world (the moon of Aarak). At 18, they joined a privateer force on Seradel that worked with a local government and stayed there until they were 21, they joined a society that sought to augment the galaxy to a higher level of intelligence, where they were outfitted with augmentations.

Unfortunately, they were shut down when some of the members were discovered to be researching non-biological AI technology by local police forces (it was rumored someone in their ranks grassed on them) and people were executed, some who were close friends, they managed to barely escape execution. Reeling from the incident, they decided to cut all ties and run off into the dark, where they could be safer away from the stigma around heavy augmentation and the association with a desire to develop non-biological AI.
Eventually, they decided that somebody needed to pick up the work that was left behind and started to work on upgrading currently existing AIs… gradually, and over many years.
Feeling responsible for delivering justice to the rotten apples in the rim and making things easier for heavily augmented people, they joined up with the party, understanding that they couldn't do the work entirely on their own.

Tall, 6 foot 5 avian alien that looks like a Cassowary, but slightly more humanoid, they are covered in feathers that are silvery, has a beak with short, sharp teethlike structures and the crest is made of durable carbon allotropes, two large eyes are on the head which are covered in a smart glass that allows them to convey expression, along with some infrared eyes that give them 360 vision around the head in place of the simple eyes baselines of their species has.

SPECIES: Gibson's Cassoid
DESCRIPTION: A race that's new to the galactic scene. Looks like a Cassowary, but more humanoid, slightly taller than a human, lives in multiple climates, sophont, can see in infrared and has simple eyes around their head and has a generally calm demeanour… Just don't say negative stuff about their comb or get into their personal space, they get an urge to kick you! They have very good vocal control, making them good singers.


  • Tall: The creature stands closer to three meters than two. It can reach things most people wouldn't be able to, jump higher, catch higher, etc. also has an extra 1d6 chance to dodge melee attacks from an enemy they recently attacked.
  • Thermal vision: The creature can see in infrared. Does not work through transparent obstructions. Must have functioning eyes.
  • Powerful kick: Kick gets a +2 bonus to strength rolls if used against inanimate objects, or a +1 bonus to attacks used against an enemy.
  • 360 vision: The creature has extra eyes on the back of their head, making it difficult to sneak around them because they see everything. Rolls against stealth have a 1d6+2 chance of being treated as though the character is facing in the enemy's direction. While they can wear normal helmets (unless otherwise specified), these helmets will disrupt this ability.
  • Natural armor: Their skin may be thick, or it may have natural armor plating. Whatever the case, their skin is the equivalent of light armor.


  • Delicate lungs: Thick dust or smoke particles cause them to be stunned for three layers. Continued exposure may cause them to need an endurance roll.
  • Weakness to fire: Any amount of damage that would normally badly harm a human will outright kill the creature. Amounts that would normally lightly wound a human will cause great harm.
  • Strong body odor: You take a -1 penalty to charisma rolls with people not of your species if in the same room with them and they can smell you.
  • Lightweight: All blunt melee blows from heavier enemies (weapon or not) knock them off their feet and stun them for three layers
  • Pain intolerant: An extremely low pain tolerance means you do a 1d6+2 roll prior to any normal endurance roll. Less than a 5 means an instant fail. Can't be paired with Wimpy.


Slightly aloof, acts a little numb towards anyone they doesn't see as someone to trust and share thoughts with, but resourceful, assertive and calm

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Bought Ship Equipment

Infantry Gear

  • Full cyborg body


  • Personal Cloak


  • Night Vision

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