Ama'lia Milson †
r1HqnLc.png "So he's really dead? Damn… Let's get these bastards, for the Lieutenant!"
This character is listed as dead.
It's possible they'll come back, if someone retrieved their brain. If not, there really is no hope.
Name: Ama'lia Milson †
Rank: ?
Class: ?
Level: ?
Credits 0
Age 27
Gender Female
Energy 1
Durability -1
Maneuverability 2
Hacking -2
Computer -2
PSI Unit -2
Robotics -2
Engine 2
Stat points 0
Charisma 0
Intuition 1
Handiwork -2
Conventional -2
Unconventional 2
Exotic -1
General Knowledge 1
Auxiliary 0
Skill points 0
GK use left
"This is a quote for your character." —Ama'lia Milson

Player: NPC

Personal Information

She is described as having blonde hair. Is the sister to Cindrina Milson. Died in a mission predating Platoon 56; Cindrina got herself taken aboard the Tartarus to find her.



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